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Plumbing Facts – Garbage Disposals & Their Myths

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If you can’t chew it don’t put it in garbage disposals in Waukesha WI

Garbage disposals are usually used multiple times each day in most Waukesha WI homes. While years ago this was not the case, today most people cannot imagine cleaning up after a meal without a disposal. More than ever, disposals are standard equipment in a modern kitchen.

Since disposals are used so widely, you would think people would be very aware of how to care and maintain them. In fact, the information passed from homeowner to homeowner is often based on fiction, not fact. Some of the fiction are myths and much of the fiction comes from misinformation published on the internet. At Schoenwalder Plumbing we want to correct some of these misunderstandings and provide some simple tips to help you to care for your disposal correctly. Our primary goal is to help our customers keep their disposals functioning at top efficiency. Continue reading

Kitchen Renovations – Are You Living In Your Next Home Already?

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Kitchen renovations large and small can benefit from natural stone like granite

Kitchen renovations can take many forms in Waukesha WI.

Kitchen renovations can be complete remodeling projects where walls, cabinets, floors and windows are all fair game. Or, kitchen renovations can be as modest as updating countertops, new sinks and cabinet hardware.

With the economy slowly recovering over the past six years, the modest updates have given way to the more expansive, complete kitchen renovations in Waukesha WI. One thing all renovations and updates can use are new countertops using natural stone or granite. More affordable than ever, granite comes in a huge variety of colors and provides an elegant accent to the most moderate of projects and the most ambitious kitchen design. Continue reading

Universal Kitchen Design

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Open space under countertop allow space for wheelchairs

Kitchen design affects how kitchens are used. That is significant because kitchens are often the hub of a family’s life. Meals are prepared and eaten there, guests visit and in general, it’s the crossroad of many family activities.

Because of the central role kitchens play in everyone’s life, a kitchen design using universal principles allows grandparents to get more from their visits, and those who are aging in their own homes to be self-sufficient longer. Since the vast majority of people want to stay in their homes, 89% according to recent surveys by AARP, universal design provides the tools they need to maintain their homes. Schoenwalder Plumbing’s staff believes people who enjoy their homes don’t have to leave it behind as they age and their physical abilities decline.

Relative to kitchen design, this represents one of the inherent challenges contractors have when remodeling kitchens. We are very aware we are working on homes, not just houses. These kitchens are loaded with personal preferences, memories and future plans. Another reason universal kitchen design is so significant is statistics show over 25% (2010) of all people in the United States have a disability of one type or another. That’s fifty-four million people now and by 2030, the number of adults afflicted with arthritis is expected to double. Continue reading

Bathroom Remodel Idea Checklist

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Knowing what you need, want and desire in a bathroom remodeling project will improve your final results. (PDF link bottom of page)

A bath remodel is a very personal project. It’s where nearly every day starts and ends. When a homeowner is planning to remodel their bathroom, usually much thought goes into how it will be used and what personal preferences will be part of the final design.

A major key to successful bathroom remodeling is being able to effectively convey what you want from your contractor. The means identifying what your desires are so the remodeling project can meet expectations. A complete bathroom remodeling showroom is a valuable tool when planning any remodeling project.

A bath remodel can easily change floor plans, affecting the mechanical systems. The systems included are electrical, plumbing and heating-air conditioning. It is important for homeowners to appreciate colors, textures and styles which are very important to the final look of a bathroom remodel project. Additionally, they must also consider the impact of the mechanical systems and be ready to accommodate any unique needs during the planning process. Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling Studio – Showroom In Waukesha WI

Bathroom Remodeling showroom - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Waukesha WI

Trying products can help you pick the perfect solution for your needs

Bathroom remodeling can be easier than ever before when a complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio and Showroom is available for your use.

Schoenwalder Plumbing has created the… Continue reading