Kitchen Island – A Must Have For Many

Distinctive shapes and features customized to your lifestyle make a newly remodeled kitchen shine.

The only element that rivals a new kitchen island in a kitchen remodel concept is new cabinets. So says a host of interior designers, builders and hardware manufacturers in a survey of trends for 2022.

The No. 1 reason for considering a remodeling plan is very basic: “More space!” And, with today’s open concept design a kitchen island not only provides new kitchen work space, it can provide a transition from cooking to living area. An island incorporated into the plan may provide preparation and clean-up room provided by the pressure washing service, a general purpose area and seating. Knowing the kitchen will be a center of attention when guests gather, the island works as a focal point.

Evaluate How A Kitchen Island Fits

There’s no one size fits all for adding a utility island to a kitchen in Waukesha WI. As your plan comes together, take into account the following:

  • How you will use the space – The kitchen has been for more than cooking and eating for a long time. What will and island add?
    • More cooking room
    • Additional storage beneath the countertop
    • Informal dining area
    • Storage for small appliances and kitchen utensils
    • Additional electrical outlets
    • A charging center for electronic devices
  • The list of potential enhancements is a long one. Considerations for a kitchen remodelers Waukesha – there’s more to renovating your kitchen than new cabinets, countertops or an island. In the overall picture, how will you handle these:
    • Appliances
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • Ceiling treatments
    • Flooring
    • Backsplashes
    • Wall coverings
    • Moldings
    • Lighting options
    • Window treatments

You may be changing your kitchen’s footprint, or just revising the current layout, but whatever you do it impact how you live.

Kitchen Island – Form, Function and Style

When it comes to adding an island work space the features and styles offer dozens of choices. Each with a positive impact on your lifestyle. When you’re ready to put pencil to paper and create a plan, ponder these:

  • Overall size – the footprint of your kitchen may dictate the size you can accommodate. If expanding is an option, you can include seating room, sinks and unique storage – perhaps a built-in wine cooler? The major restriction to what you do is making sure there’s enough room to open refrigerator and oven doors and access cabinets. The plan is to enhance the room, not create difficult traffic patterns.
  • Shape – Be as creative as your lifestyle dictates. Square and rectangular islands are perfect for most situations, but don’t rule out geometric shapes – even round or oval.
  • Height – Most designs call for an island to be at the standard counter height. Does that work? Or do you want to provide a work space that’s lower and readily available to someone seated? There’s a whole realm of universal design that can make this a better choice.
  • Use all the space – There’s obviously something supporting the new island countertop and it’s an ideal place for drawers, cupboards, racks and pantry-like storage. Consider pullout shelves to reduce bending and improve organization.
  • More power – Another item most often requested in a kitchen renovation is the addition of more electrical outlets. A new kitchen island is an ideal place for useful connections – including charging spots for electronic devices.

Two-faced kitchen island opens up the flow

The basis of the open concept is to have one room naturally flow into another. That can be difficult when blending a kitchen full of appliances and plumbing into living rooms. Today’s contemporary island design may be more living space than kitchen. It can blend the colors and style of the living area with the more workmanlike kitchen requirements. A kitchen island with two distinct faces – one for the utility of the kitchen and one for the style of the living room – works wonders. Facing the kitchen you might have a small sink and closed-door kitchen cabinets. Opening into the living area can include seating, bookcases, storage and unique design features.

However your kitchen plans evolve and the kitchen island turns out, it is likely to become the center of family action. Expect kids to drop books and finish homework, the whole family passes here as the day begins and ends.

Kitchen Remodeling is a specialty of Schoenwalder plumbing. Our complete showroom and expert design staff can help manage your kitchen makeover from beginning to end. And we know a versatile kitchen island is a great place to start.

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Kitchen Remodel Survival Tips

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