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Kitchen Remodeling Experts in Waukesha Wisconsin

The kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare meals. It has become the hub of activity for active families. And, it has become the No. 1 room receiving attention from homeowners contemplating expanding, upgrading or renovating their homes.

Deciding upon a kitchen remodeling plan results in an important change to any home. It affects day to day activity during the process and for year to come. The kitchen is where families gather, guests are entertained and it is starting point of most people’s day. In many homes, it’s where meals are prepared, homework is done and the day’s activities are planned – and relived. It is a cornerstone of family life. No single room is more vital to day-to-day activity than the kitchen.

Professional Planning Anchors Kitchen Remodeling 

There are dozens of sources for good ideas for a kitchen renovation from just changing fixtures and cabinets to knocking out walls and adopting the popular “open concept.” Understanding what goes into even the simplest of kitchen remodel is the critical first step. Schoenwalder’s specialists have created kitchens accommodating kitchen plans for hundreds of sizes, shapes and styles. Their professional remodel plan is the first tangible step in any kitchen remodeling project. Selecting a professional insures that your new kitchen will incorporate all of the qualities you like about your present kitchen, remove those you dislike and add the features you require.

A Kitchen Remodel Requires Professional Knowledge and Commitment 

A kitchen remodel is a complicated project. A lot goes into each step along the way. Consider the impact of the following changes-

  • Floor plan redesign—a new footprint and a new workflow
  • Altering or removing walls—changing the character of the entire home
  • Upgrading and adding countertops, cabinets, appliances and fixtures—the sky’s the limit on style, material and price
  • Changes to mechanical systems—moving walls may mean moving HVAC duct work, rewiring or adding to the systems
  • The larger the project the more time it takes and the more “normal” life is disrupted

Working with Schoenwalder Plumbing, a licensed general contractor, your kitchen remodeling project goes smoothly every step of the way.

Success is in the Details

What sets Schoenwalder Plumbing apart from others offering remodeling services? Three things:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Commitment

Schoenwalder Plumbing has been serving the Waukesha Wisconsin area since 1945. Its team of licensed plumbers is in the field daily. And, with its own Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Showroom, a showplace for hundreds of the latest products, Schoenwalder demonstrates its commitment to providing the latest and best for its customers. Our experience helps us enhance the kitchen remodeling process, not only by providing great planning and contracting services, but by asking the simple questions often overlooked by others.

A Checklist for a Complete Kitchen Renovation 

We review every aspect of each kitchen remodel to ensure nothing is left to chance. We maximize space using every available inch in room, utilizing space-saving appliances, ergonomically efficient cabinets and task-specific lighting. The result is a full-function kitchen uniquely engineered to reflect your character.

In preparing your original plan, consider these basics –

  • How you use your home – is the new “open concept” what you’re looking for
  • Food preparation and Cooking requirements
  • Food Storage
  • Dining – a dining area in the kitchen as opposed to a formal dining room, both, seating at a kitchen island
  • Equipment/Utensil Storage
  • Waste Disposal
  • Laundry – incorporate a laundry room in or near the new kitchen
  • Secondary Media Center – if the kitchen is to be a gathering, entertaining space do you need/want audio and video access

These are basic lifestyle considerations and broader concepts to be dealt with. Advanced planning makes future steps easier and more efficient. Bringing as many details to the project at the first meeting truly helps.

Here are some additional pieces of the puzzle to consider –

  • Appliances – colors, styles and functions can open your eyes.
  • Cabinets – the latest design trends use shelves, cabinets or both, what’s your pleasure?
  • Plumbing fixtures – where style and function come together to make a statement.
  • Ceiling treatments – what’s above your head is often overlooked; need a skylight?
  • Lighting – there’s never too much light in a work area.
  • Flooring – Consider maintenance, resistance to spills and traffic.
  • Countertop materials – there are dozens to choose from basic to exotic.
  • Window treatments – natural light is wonderful.
  • Backsplashes – the latest in new tile options really make a statement, often all the way to the ceiling.
  • Wall coverings – anything goes from basic paint to exotic tiles or wood treatments.

These are the foundation elements of a kitchen remodel or update.

If you’re planning a complete make-over of your existing kitchen, here are several additional elements that are among the popular trends –

  • Message Station – since this room is the epicenter of daily life, a place to leave and receive information makes sense
  • Mini-Office – running a home requires a business approach, this is an excellent place to organize the pieces
  • Hobby/Craft Center – The kitchen as become far more than a place to cook
  • Plants – if you’ve got a “green thumb,” incorporating plants into the new room adds a special touch

In Waukesha and, Lake Country, your imagination is the only limitation on a fabulous kitchen remodel project. We can recreate any architectural form from country, to Tudor and the most contemporary look.

To learn more about the remodeling planning process, visit the Schoenwalder Plumbing Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Showroom in Waukesha, Wisconsin.