Function is Key To Kitchen Design Trends

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White cabinets, large windows for natural light, a unique tile backsplash and custom lighting all make this a user-friendly farmhouse-style kitchen.

Demand for a showplace kitchen has been replaced by a focus on functionality according to the latest studies of kitchen design trends for 2022. Kitchen remodels on the drawing boards are likely to reflect demand for open designs, environmentally-conscious materials and easy access. The kitchen is the gathering place, the hub of the family, and renovations in Waukesha WI and the surrounding area reflect it.

Not surprisingly, design trends vary with the age of the people planning the kitchen remodels in Waukesha WI. But there are many similarities. The group tabbed “Millennials – ages 25 to 34 – are more likely to choose either a very modern style or a farmhouse style. Baby boomers – age 55 and older – are likely to stick with a traditional style.

Leading the way when it comes to design trends for kitchen remodels are user-friendly features and a concern for convenient function today and into the future.

Design Trends Reflects Lifestyle Choices

A recently released study shows that more than décor style goes into choices for kitchen remodels. Many of the design trends reflected in the report reflect concerns for individual health and an overall healthy lifestyle. The latest farmhouse features, unique countertop selections and conservative color schemes highlight the remodeling scene according to nearly 3,000 people in the midst of a kitchen remodel or who have recently completed one.

They report these top design trends:

Kitchen Remodel | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
The open and bright with a custom ceiling and the warmth of water-resistant wood flooring, a unique kitchen island plus stainless steel appliances make this a kitchen that appeals to young and older homeowners.
  1. The Farmhouse is the new look, especially among younger homeowners.
  2. Traditional, contemporary designs are the most popular overall – reflecting a desire to renovate and existing kitchen rather than install and all-new look.
  3. Kitchen remodels are good for you – an upgraded kitchen promotes a healthier, happier lifestyle.
  4. New paint is still the most popular building block for a change, followed by the addition of ceramic or porcelain tiles – countertop to ceiling backsplash creations, etc. Neutral colors are popular choices with gray heading the list.
  5. New countertops are the most sought-after changes. Granite is still the overwhelming choice, but quartz countertops reflect a growing demand, with butcher block wooden counters a solid third.
  6. Reflecting the latest design trends, decorative and functional backsplash installations and designer sinks are also high on the wish lists.
  7. Kitchen cabinets – below the counter and above – are another of the most often elements on the “must go” list. A common reason for kitchen remodels is simply: “I cannot stand the old cabinets.” White is the most popular cabinet color for younger remodelers, followed by gray. Wooden styles remain very popular for a traditional look, with darker woods favored over lighter varieties in most cases.
  8. Along with cabinet colors and style there’s an emphasis on maximizing storage and easy access. Pullout shelving, specialized installations like revolving corner shelves and cookie tray spaces or wine racks are all popular. Older homeowners are looking for kitchen remodels that provide access without long reaches or too much bending.
  9. Adding to the theme of convenience and performance, lighting is a high priority. Increased lighting comes in the form of additional windows or skylights for natural light plus new fixtures – over the new kitchen island. One of the most requested lighting design trends is installation of under cabinet lights – doing away with one of the most common and frustrating “dead spots” in a kitchen work space.
  10. When it comes to “must haves” the kitchen island is high on the list – incorporating storage with increased convenience and additional working space.
  11. When it comes to appliances, stainless steel is No. 1 by a wide margin. The standard silver finish is preferred by most, but stainless steel appliances in black are coming on among the top design trends.

New Kitchen Increase Value

People throughout the country are using their kitchens as the focal point of family activities. Studies show that formal dining areas are elements of the past. The kitchen is the jumping off point for daily activities, the entertaining center for gatherings, the food preparation area, homework central and often doubles as a home office. A new, fresh kitchen that’s open to the rest of the house is inviting and user-friendly. Kitchen remodels enhance the value of the home – in terms of the way the family uses the renovated space and when it comes to selling the house.

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