Water Well Pumps, Pressure Tanks and Water Well Systems – Waukesha WI 

When you’re responsible for your own water supply there’s nothing more critical than making sure you have the right pumping system and it’s operating at maximum efficiency. No system lasts forever, and a pump failure isn’t the end of the world. Schoenwalder Plumbing is a phone call away with timely, professional service throughout Waukesha County. Our 24 hour emergency service is available for both individual homes and businesses. Keeping your water well system running without problems is our goal.

Our water well and water pump service specialists can repair or replace existing systems, provide replacements and install complete systems for new construction. Schoenwalder professionals manage the process flawlessly from start to finish.

All installations are done by State of Wisconsin Licensed Pump Installers and our staff stays up-to-date on trends and new technology as members of professional organizations such as the Wisconsin Water Well Association (WWWA) and the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).

Weigh Options In Water Well Pump Selection 

If you’re considering a new installation or replacing an existing one, you have choices to make. There are two types of pumps to consider:

  • The Standard, Traditional pump
  • A Constant Pressure pump

Standard Water Well Pumps 

Traditional units come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They’ve been tested and proven reliable for decades. The system is simple – a pressure switch reacts to a loss in water pressure in a pressure tank and the pump is switched on. The pump comes on at top speed and refills the pressure tank with fresh water. The majority of the pumps in the systems in existence today are traditional designs.

Constant Pressure Water Well Pumps 

The a constant pressure design keeps the pump spinning all the time. It spins faster or slower depending upon demand. When water pressure is required, the pump spins faster. Reducing the hard, full-speed starts of traditional systems is designed to increase the life of these well pumps. Water wells with systems like this have shown to reduce energy use over time. An electronic controller regulates the pump speed to maintain pressure. For wells requiring large pressure tanks, this design is gaining favor. Points to consider:

  • Electronic controllers can self-diagnose running problems
  • The system can save energy
  • These systems have a longer service life than most traditional installations
  • They take up less space than traditional well pumps
  • They run quieter
  • They provide more consistent, higher water pressure

When your home or business requires a water well system, pump maintenance or a water check, think of Schoenwalder Plumbing first. Here are some of our professional options:

  • Conventional pump systems
  • Constant pressure systems
  • Pressure tanks
  • Buried/Underground pressure tanks
  • Underground lateral repair and replacement
  • Well chlorination
  • Code inspections
  • Abandonments per DNR regulations
  • Wellhead protection including caps and seals
  • Well drilling management

We work well under pressure! — Your shower should too! 

Contact the Schoenwalder Plumbing professionals today to learn more about water well system components, installation and service of water well pumps in Waukesha Wisconsin.