Transitional Kitchen Blends Classic and Contemporary

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Neutral colors and natural materials combined with classic accents and simple designs are hallmarks of the transitional kitchen.

Creating a new kitchen focused on personal style is defined by one of the hottest trends in kitchen remodeling Waukesha WI today, the transitional kitchen. When one of the new kitchen designs is too much or not enough of what you really want in your Waukesha WI home, blend classic and contemporary styles and relish the best of both worlds

Bring sleek, contemporary styling together with a rustic, welcoming flavor of a farmhouse kitchen. Blend clean lines and modern engineering with traditional features you’re used to. Bridging the gap between classic and modern is a trend uncovered in a recent study by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Looking at trends in materials, colors and finishes for appliances, cabinets, countertops, plumbing and light fixtures and related kitchen products, remodelers from around North America said the same thing. Clean, minimalist and modern touches blended with the best features of classic kitchen designs are destined to be foundation of kitchen remodeling plans in years to come.

The Formula for a Transitional Kitchen

What defines a transitional kitchen and why is it becoming so popular? The idea of a kitchen that represents transition from one style to another isn’t a revelation in kitchen designs. The industry has put a name to the actions homeowners have been taking for years – remodeling to build around what they like. Consider these basic elements of a kitchen that represents bridging the gap between styles:

Transitional Kitchen | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Clean lines and neutral colors combined with natural materials and multiple textures blending traditional, classic styling with modern concepts – a perfect way to create exactly what you want.
  • A Blend of Natural and Manufactured Materials – To make the room comfortable, versatile and functional the kitchen regularly features a mix of wood, steel, glass, stone and marble. Stainless steel range hoods reflect warm wooden cabinets and light a marble or stone backsplash. A butcher block topped island serves as a work area in the center of a wood-look tiled floor.
  • Neutral Color Scheme – while highlights of color are common, the basic palette is neutral to allow for the use of many textures and finishes. Background color is designed to be “timeless” and accentuate the other elements – cabinetry, flooring and furnishing – in the room. Grey and white are still the most sought after basic background colors.
  • Textured Accents – interesting surfaces of real stone and interesting tiles are key additions.
  • Functional Cabinetry – no elaborate hardware or custom woodworking, cabinets are designed to be streamlined. Wood is the favored material and painted wood is a favorite treatment.
  • Natural Surfaces – natural countertops are the first choice. Granite, marble and quartz top the list. Wooden countertops are regaining favor as well. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are in demand for both color and texture on backsplashes and walls. Wood-look ceramic tiles are a good choice for kitchen floors, but real hardwood is still the first choice for most remodelers. Countertops are plain – no ornate or elaborate edge treatments or embellishments.
  • The Kitchen Sink – almost anything goes when it comes to the kitchen sink. The top three styles in recent trend studies are undermount designs, a single bowl version and the farmhouse sink. Any one of these can be used to create a transitional from one style to the next – it’s about using what you like. Stainless steel is still the most popular material for the sink and multi-purpose, pull-down faucets are the most popular.
  • Functional Lighting – functional lighting far outweighs designer lights. High on the list of new installations are under-cabinet lights, recessed lights and pendant lights over kitchen islands and work areas.
  • Keeping it Simple – kitchen designs that keep it simple, basic and uncluttered fit the transitional mold. Accessories in the kitchen are kept to a minimum – again looking to function before decorative appeal.

In broadest terms, a transitional kitchen is a space where the homeowner brings together the most favored elements of all other kitchen designs. No matter if they are from classic and traditional kitchen layouts, the very popular farmhouse kitchen or an ultramodern, industrial-look. Blending old with new, modern with period elements is what makes this a rapidly growing design trend. The completed project borrows elements from all the owner’s favorites and references the past while looking to the future. There are no hard rules in developing a transitional kitchen. It’s an avenue for you to express yourself and make the room truly fit into your lifestyle.

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National Kitchen and Bath Association

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