Video Sewer Inspections Save Time and Money In Waukesha WI

Video sewer inspections for both residential and commercial buildings manage and eliminate current and future sewer pipe problems. A permanent video record provides resources to rapidly locate sewer pipe problems. And is a record of the sewer and drain pipes’ aging. The video record show weak points that are potential sources of sewer and drain pipe problems.

Benefits of Video Inspections 

Snaking a high-tech video system through sewer and drain lines allows the Schoenwalder professional technicians to:

  • Find leaks, cracks and breaks
  • Determine what material the drain line is made from – in older buildings this can be a critical find
  • Evaluate the condition of the drain line
  • Decide if a leak or break should be repaired or the entire line replaced
  • Pre-screen a building’s systems during an inspection to confirm the lines’ condition

Video Sewer Inspections ‘See’ What You Cannot

Whether you have a home or office building, a video drain and sewer inspection is valuable. What does a video sewer inspection “see:”

  • Cracks — Plumbing and drain pipes can be damaged or broken by shifts and changes in the soil around them. A serious consideration in the freeze-thaw cycle in the Waukesha Wisconsin region.
  • Damaged Seals and Joints — The video camera provides a close view unavailable any other way.
  • Clogs — If you have a clogged sewer line, you know it, but the camera can determine exactly where and by what. It can also spot debris build-up that’s partly obstructing the flow – a clog in the making.
  • Tree Roots — Tree roots seek sources of water and even a small leak in a drain line poses a long-term problem. Roots can penetrate, crack and break pipes.

Know What You Have and What Your Need 

If you’re buying a property or planning an expansion or renovation, knowing the condition of the plumbing inside is a routine consideration. Knowing what’s going on within the sewer and drain system should be as well. A video camera inspection will identify areas where you can prevent problems and make the plumbing more efficient. Your video sewer inspection will:

  • Find problems and potential problems without expensive digging to find pipes
  • Reduce the time it takes to visually inspect all sizes of pipes
  • Minimize the time and money required to find and fix a problem
  • Provide a permanent record to document the inspection for future reference

Contact the Schoenwalder Plumbing professionals for video sewer inspections in Waukesha Wisconsin.