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Colors, materials and remodeling design ideas are constantly changing. The galleries we provide on this website are designed for homeowners to be exposed to remodeling options. You can also save time and discover new directions you may not have had at the beginning of your planning process.

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As you review the galleries, make note of the items you like and may consider for your home. At our showroom at Dolphin Dr. in Waukesha, you can feel textures, see the actual colors while learning about additional options for your home.

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Our remodeling and plumbing professionals are available to show you fixtures, cabinets and design options. To set an appointment with one of our pros to discuss your remodeling project and see fixtures you can include in your project, complete and submit the form below with a preferred time(s) to meet. We will call to set/confirm you meeting time and assist you in creating the most successful remodel possible for your home.