Routine Drain Maintenance Extends the Life, Performance of Your Plumbing

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Routine drain maintenance is the first step in keeping fresh, clean water flowing. It’s the basis for a total plumbing care program.

National surveys show the plumbing system represents as much as 15% of a home’s total value; an investment worth protecting with routine drain maintenance and plumbing care. Throughout Waukesha WI and the surrounding region there are plumbing systems of various ages requiring varying levels of routine care. This heating repair wayne nj can assist you with any repairs you may need.

Clean, readily available water is essential to healthy living. Keeping water flowing freely and removing waste is a must. Most people don’t worry about their pipes, drains and faucets until there’s a problem. And small problems can turn into large expenses – that’s where routine drain maintenance and plumbing care comes in. Not only does a maintenance program find leaks and potential problems, it helps to conserve water and reduce energy bills. A simple, drip, drip, drip can was as many as 34 gallons of water a year.

Daily Drain Maintenance is a Start

A solid maintenance program begins by preventing clogs every day. Clogged, slow-running drains are the No. 1 homeowner plumbing problem. Clearing clogs may not be too difficult – but preventing them is much easier.

According with plumbers woodcliff lake nj the kitchen is the room in the house where more goes down the drain than any other room. So, start your plumbing care in the kitchen. The garbage disposal is the source of most kitchen clogs. When using the disposer, consider:

  • Make sure there’s a good flow of cold water into the disposer before adding food
  • Never put fibrous, stringy food wastes into the garbage disposal system – things like banana peels, potato skins, celery and similar materials that form a clogging mass
  • Never put large fruit pits or animal bones down your drain.
  • Never put grease or oil own the disposal drain
  • Always let cold water run at least 15 seconds after the disposal process is completed to make sure everything is thoroughly flushed down the main line

The Kitchen Deserves Additional Treatment

Kitchen sinks earn special attention. Beneath their surface lurks all manner of bacteria not flushed even with an efficient disposal system. These germs often add to a recurring kitchen problem – the disposal stinks!

Here are tips to make the task easier:

  • Regularly wipe down the inside of the sink with a clean, damp cloth to loosen food particles so they flush easier
  • Fill the sink with hot water and a little liquid dish soap, clean the sink and flush
  • To aid in killing bacteria boil a large pot of water and pour it down the drain
  • Add baking soda to the garbage disposal and let it sit for a while before rinsing with hot tap water
  • Add baking soda and rinse it down with 1 or 2 cups of heated distilled white vinegar – let it fizz for about 5 minutes to loosen debris, then rinse with cold water
  • Use a leftover orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime rind in the disposal to keep odors at bay

Shift Attention to the Bathroom

The bathroom is the second-most likely spot for drain clogs. To prevent clogged bathroom drains, consider:

  • Bath oils and scrubs can mix oils with hair to form a mass in drain pipes – reduce the use of these products and reduce the threat of clogs
  • Make sure there are screens over the top of drains to reduce hair getting into pipes
  • Make sure only truly flushable materials go into the toilet

A Professional Touch in Drain Maintenance is Worth the Investment

Nick Presley from First 4 Plumbing says that while most homeowners can deal with minor plumbing problems, issues like septic tank leaks or toilet installation require the help of a professional. It provides professional remodeling, plumbing and water treatment services not only on the entire UK but also in Waukesha, Milwaukee and Lake Country including Hartland, Delafield, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Oconomowoc, Dousman and New Berlin.


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