Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel Survival Tips in Waukesha WI

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With your kitchen remodel expect to prepare food somewhere other than you stove or oven in Madison WI

Finally getting your kitchen remodel done is exciting. Your kitchen remodel can also be VERY stressful, too.

Your new look kitchen will be done soon but there are a few hurdles you have yet to clear. The biggest challenge is the room you use for meal preparation will be unusable for an extended period of time. The truth is cooking is tough to do when stoves and ovens are removed and sinks are unhooked and prep areas are covered or torn out.

A typical kitchen remodel can take from four to eight weeks. And, assuming living away from your home during all or part of your kitchen remodeling is not a reasonable option, below are a few ideas to help minimize the stress of your remodel. Continue reading

Kitchen Renovations – Are You Living In Your Next Home Already?

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Kitchen renovations large and small can benefit from natural stone like granite

Kitchen renovations can take many forms in Waukesha WI.

Kitchen renovations can be complete remodeling projects where walls, cabinets, floors and windows are all fair game. Or, kitchen renovations can be as modest as updating countertops, new sinks and cabinet hardware.

With the economy slowly recovering over the past six years, the modest updates have given way to the more expansive, complete kitchen renovations in Waukesha WI. One thing all renovations and updates can use are new countertops using natural stone or granite. More affordable than ever, granite comes in a huge variety of colors and provides an elegant accent to the most moderate of projects and the most ambitious kitchen design. Continue reading

Custom Kitchen Cabinets – Fitting Your Life Best

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Kitchen cabinets can be designed to add unique qualities to your kitchen

Kitchen cabinets can change the personality of the entire room.

Aesthetically, they can set the room apart. And, functionally, they can make preparing food and entertaining a… Continue reading

Kitchen Renovation Return On Investment

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A kitchen renovation ROI can range from 59% to 73% depending on the scope of the project

A kitchen renovation represents a huge investment in your home.

Because the kitchen is often ground zero for many families, whether its breakfast in the morning, evening dinner or the center of entertainment fun, the return on investment of a kitchen renovation includes both financial and “family” components.

Every home improvement has both of those components. Someday you’ll receive a financial return when you sell your property. In the meantime, the enjoyment you receive from an improvement such as a kitchen renovation is even more important than the financial return. Think of the benefits of a kitchen renovation –

  • Easier to work in
  • Added appliances
  • Better lighting
  • Layouts good for entertaining
  • Universal design adding to use and enjoyment
  • Upgraded fixtures
  • Updated floor plan
  • Increasing enjoyment of home Continue reading

Kitchen Renovations – Consider Granite Counter Tops

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Kitchen renovations can be taken to a new level by using granite as counter tops

Kitchen renovations can now use granite counter tops and cost a lot less than in the past.

In fact, in the past ten years, the price of granite has become very competitive with other popular counter top products. This includes even some higher quality laminate products which have traditionally been much less expensive and quartz.

A few years ago granite was installed almost exclusively in homes valued at the higher end (one million dollars or more). With homes valued at a lower price point, granite was cost prohibitive in many cases. However, prices have improved steadily in the past five or more years. Now homeowners with moderately valued homes routinely install granite in their bathroom and kitchen renovations. Continue reading

Smart Storage In Your Kitchen Remodel

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Make smart storage part of your kitchen remodel

A Kitchen remodel often signals a transition. Families grow larger, older and changes in structure as time goes on. The result is needs change along with personal taste and before you know it, a kitchen remodel is a symbol of a new stage in life.

Today, more than ever, a kitchen remodel represents a wide range of options. The options can make everyday life flow easier, whether its modest changes like smart storage ideas or fitting a homeowner’s need for an accessible kitchen.

A kitchen remodel project that can have a huge impact, even if is modest in nature is adding smart storage. Whether you try to work with existing cabinetry or refinish or replace, more efficient storage can change the way you use you kitchen. It can make it feel as if you are in a different house altogether. Continue reading

Kitchen Remodeling – Ideas Using Distinctive Islands

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Islands can be used to set your kitchen remodeling project apart from the norm

Kitchen remodeling offers a myriad of options to consider from floor to ceiling. Whether changing a kitchen’s footprint to updating your present layout, kitchen remodeling impacts how you live in your home.

The kitchen is ground zero for most family activities and often is the center of attention when entertaining (whether you like it or not). The result of this is an island often is an excellent starting point for many kitchen remodeling projects in Waukesha Wisconsin. Continue reading

Universal Kitchen Design

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Open space under countertop allow space for wheelchairs

Kitchen design affects how kitchens are used. That is significant because kitchens are often the hub of a family’s life. Meals are prepared and eaten there, guests visit and in general, it’s the crossroad of many family activities.

Because of the central role kitchens play in everyone’s life, a kitchen design using universal principles allows grandparents to get more from their visits, and those who are aging in their own homes to be self-sufficient longer. Since the vast majority of people want to stay in their homes, 89% according to recent surveys by AARP, universal design provides the tools they need to maintain their homes. Schoenwalder Plumbing’s staff believes people who enjoy their homes don’t have to leave it behind as they age and their physical abilities decline.

Relative to kitchen design, this represents one of the inherent challenges contractors have when remodeling kitchens. We are very aware we are working on homes, not just houses. These kitchens are loaded with personal preferences, memories and future plans. Another reason universal kitchen design is so significant is statistics show over 25% (2010) of all people in the United States have a disability of one type or another. That’s fifty-four million people now and by 2030, the number of adults afflicted with arthritis is expected to double. Continue reading