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Avoiding Basic Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

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Consider creating a private place for your toilet out of plain sight when planning your bathroom remodel

When you design your bathroom remodel, chances are you are looking forward to creating a comfortable and accessible space for everyone in your family. However, during a bathroom remodel, many changes looking like a good idea on paper can actually make the room less desirable when the project is complete.

Reviewing your bathroom design multiple times before demolition is significant because not only do you want certain amenities added in your bathroom remodel, but you also want to avoid mistakes you’ll hate having to live with. A very common challenge is how the toilet is placed in your bathroom design. In larger floor-plans a private area is a definite option. With smaller bathrooms, other ideas are available to help the aesthetics of your bathroom.  Below are a few ideas.

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas for the Elderly In Waukesha WI

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A universal bathroom remodel often includes large easy to enter showers, shower chairs and hand grabs for balance

A bathroom remodel is one of the most basic adjustments to make when preparing a home for aging homeowners.

As more seniors choose to remain living in their homes instead of an assisted living facility or nursing home, more accessibility is a primary need. For many, a bathroom remodel such as this helps people maintain their independence and dignity.

Changes allowing freedom of movement without the risk of slips and falls is paramount. To achieve this goal, options such as walk-in bathtubs or showers, grab bars, specific use lighting and more should be part of the bathroom remodel plan.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says about 235,000 annually people seek medical attention for bathroom-related injuries. The result is safety should be the most important quality when developing an accessible bathroom remodel. Continue reading

Recouping Bathroom Remodel Dollars

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When you do a bathroom remodel, expect to get some, but not all of your investment back when selling

When considering a bathroom remodel, it’s reasonable to think in terms of what return you might have when you sell your home. After all, homes are often the largest asset many of us own.

The value of most bathroom remodeling projects have both subjective and objective measures. And, depending on the homeowner’s perspective, the appropriate measurement of the value of a remodel can vary greatly. Continue reading

Bathroom Renovation – When Are They Too Expensive?

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A remodeling project like a bathroom renovation requires a building permit. Whoever pulls a permit is liable for the welfare of the workers and any injuries in Waukesha WI

A bathroom renovation requires a sizable investment. We sometimes hear a project will ‘cost too much’ and the plans of a homeowner are reconsidered. We understand the process.

The question a homeowner should ask at this point is to what am I comparing the cost of a bathroom renovation project?

Bathroom Renovation Quote Insights

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Bathroom Design Ideas To Consider Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Design Ideas | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing

Bathroom design ideas are best to discuss before a bath remodel, and much less expensive

Bathroom design ideas are only useful before your bathroom remodel. Afterwards, they are little use.

The bathroom design ideas and questions in this article are designed to create a list of ‘what ifs” to help you consider as many possibilities before a bathroom remodel project starts.

At Schoenwalder Plumbing, we pride ourselves on delivering a bathroom remodel to our customers that meets, and if we plan well, exceeds their expectations.

Not only do we want to be sure new and upgraded amenities are included in your list of bathroom design ideas, we want to be sure all structural options are explored as well.

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A Bathroom Remodel With Radiant Floor Heating

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A bathroom remodel with a radiant floor heating system is tailor made for Waukesha WI winters

When you consider your bathroom remodel project, considering a radiant floor heating system might be a good option for you. If you get affected by cold north winds, and not in a positive way, adding a radiant floor heating to your bathroom remodel could be a luxuriously logical addition.

Luxurious comfort is often the way a radiant floor heating system is referred to relative to bathroom renovations. And it is a growing trend. Bare feet In northern climates as in Waukesha WI, are caressed by radiant floor heating in a way not duplicated by forced air heat. Because bathroom floors often are hard-surface finishes, they are cool to the touch, especially in winter. Radiant floor heating provides welcoming warmth, helping homeowners endure months of cold floors and cold feet. An added bonus your bathroom remodel delivers when radiant floor heating is used is more efficient heating other more traditional heating systems. You avoid the layer of cold air near the floor when the entire floor is heated by warm air rising from floor to ceiling.

Current bathroom remodel trends highlight recreating onetime nondescript bathrooms into relaxing getaways, giving homeowners an escape from all of the distractions making up their days. Bathroom renovations are now including elements increasing comfort, style and function. A favorite addition of a bathroom remodel is becoming radiant floor heating. Continue reading

Bathroom Design Ideas – A Bathroom Remodel Plan From The Bottom Up

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Bathroom design ideas starting with tile floors add distinction and style to your bathroom

Bathroom design ideas can include many, many different elements. One concept to consider when planning a bathroom remodel is developing your idea from the bottom up. Tile, wood or carpeted floors help create a signature bathroom a homeowner can enjoy in the present and benefit from when selling their home.

Flooring choices are a cornucopia of options to enhance bathroom design ideas. Tile floor, for example, can be a tone-setter for any bathroom remodel. Colors, textures sizes of titles are just a few ways to make bathroom renovations distinctive and fresh. Even more, tile designs can take the look and feel of any bathroom remodel to the next level, making that room special.

The visual impact a floor can make is huge and can be one of the most significant bathroom design ideas to be considered during bathroom renovations. Continue reading

Kitchen Design Ideas For Reinventing And Refreshing

Budgets come in all sizes and this can impact the kitchen design ideas you may consider.

Kitchen Design Ideas_Backsplashes_Schoenwalder Plumbing_Waukesha WI

A backsplash is one of the highest impact kitchen design ideas a homeowner can choose

When a kitchen remodel or “redo” budget is limited, kitchen design ideas having the most impact are valuable. Using specific strategies allowing you to make significant changes with very little impact on the pocketbook can give your kitchen a great face-lift. The right kitchen design ideas can affect your family’s mood and how much they can enjoy your home.

Testing Kitchen Design Ideas

A good first step for testing kitchen design ideas is removing everything from your kitchen. Clear your countertops of small kitchen appliances, remove window treatments, rugs, art work and accessories. The goal is to start the process with a blank slate. This process helps you identify where to start transforming your home with new kitchen design ideas. Continue reading

Universal Bathroom Remodeling In Waukesha WI

Universal Bathroom Remodeling - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Waukesha WI

Universal bathroom remodeling often includes large easy to enter showers, shower chairs and hand grabs for balance

Universal Bathroom Remodeling is the design of bathroom environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without adaptation or specialized design. The bathroom represents one of the most significant areas where effective use of Universal Design allows people to live in their homes in their later years with dignity.

Studies show 89% of people say they want to stay in their homes as they age. This means the everyday activities must be able to be done, regardless of the bending, reaching, stretching and other routine movements most people take for granted.

The goal of Universal Bathroom Remodeling is to build function and ease of use of each product within the environment. It allows people to live in their homes safely, independently and comfortable, regardless of age or ability level. Continue reading

Bathroom Renovations – Financial and Emotional Pay Back

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Bathroom renovations average about a 60% ROI – plus all of the enjoyment you’ll have with a new room

Bathroom renovations represent a significant investment in the largest asset many of us own, our home. Because of the size of the investment, it only stands to reason homeowners think in terms of what return on their investment will be.

It’s a simple question – however, the answer has various objective and subjective dimensions.

The Objective ROI Issues of Bathroom Renovations

Many homeowners are curious about what increase in value will result if they invest in bathroom renovations. A partial answer is all home improvements increase the value of your home. But, in nearly all cases, the dollars you invest in a home improvement will be more than the return you will receive when you sell your home.

A good illustration of this is an annual national survey of remodeling and home improvement projects, the Cost vs. Value Report. The report is segmented by region with representative cities in each region. Milwaukee is the closest surveyed city to Waukesha. Continue reading

Bathroom Design – A Trend Toward Expression

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Personal expression has become a growing trend in bathroom design

Starting about a decade ago, a bathroom design trend began growing.

Incorporating personal expression became a major influence in bathroom design, impacting the majority of bathroom remodeling projects.

Prior to that time, homeowners tended to want nice looking and functional solutions with their bathroom design. Incorporating elements of personal expression was not an overriding issue.

Until that time, a bathroom was a personal place not requiring too much more than being functional. A bathroom design was a pretty straight forward process.

Presently, an important element in the bathroom design process is identifying the style of the homeowners. The result is each component in the remodel project is a piece in the puzzle. Colors, textures and patterns become much more significant and other items such as hardware and other accessories are scrutinized at a much deeper level than ever before. Continue reading

Waukesha Bath Remodel Ideas

Roomy shower bath remodel-Schoenwalder Plumbing-Waukesha WI

A bath remodel with a roomy shower and built in bench is convenient and great for elderly people

Homeowners have accelerated a trend of creating their own version of Shangri-La when updating their

homes with bath remodel projects here in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Whether you have just moved into your home or have lived there “forever”,  changes can be made to improve the feel and the function of your bathroom. You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so it makes sense to create surroundings you enjoy. Continue reading

Bathroom Remodel Idea Checklist

Need-Want Desres Bathroom Remodeling checklist-Schoenwalder Plumbing-Waukesha WI

Knowing what you need, want and desire in a bathroom remodeling project will improve your final results. (PDF link bottom of page)

A bath remodel is a very personal project. It’s where nearly every day starts and ends. When a homeowner is planning to remodel their bathroom, usually much thought goes into how it will be used and what personal preferences will be part of the final design.

A major key to successful bathroom remodeling is being able to effectively convey what you want from your contractor. The means identifying what your desires are so the remodeling project can meet expectations. A complete bathroom remodeling showroom is a valuable tool when planning any remodeling project.

A bath remodel can easily change floor plans, affecting the mechanical systems. The systems included are electrical, plumbing and heating-air conditioning. It is important for homeowners to appreciate colors, textures and styles which are very important to the final look of a bathroom remodel project. Additionally, they must also consider the impact of the mechanical systems and be ready to accommodate any unique needs during the planning process. Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling Studio – Showroom In Waukesha WI

Bathroom Remodeling showroom - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Waukesha WI

Trying products can help you pick the perfect solution for your needs

Bathroom remodeling can be easier than ever before when a complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio and Showroom is available for your use.

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