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Water Heater Installation – Choose A Professional

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Professional water heater installation will ensure proper function and extend water heater life

Water heater installation can be a tough job for the average homeowner. While it’s nice to save a few bucks on the installation, as well as learn a few things, cutting corners can cause long term problems.

If water heater installation is done properly, maximum efficiency and proper operation is the end result. Below are some good reasons to let the pros do your installation.

With Water Heaters Size Can Matter

In choosing correct water heaters, a flow rate calculation should be done as well as the temperature rise you will need in your home. Also, identifying the peak hour demand by accounting for the number of people in the home and their usage patterns can influence the water heater you choose. Continue reading

Water Heater Replacement in Waukesha WI

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When your water heater is less efficient or needing regular repairs, a new unit may be in order

A water heater is built to last a number of years ranging from ten to more than twenty years. However, regardless of how well they are cared for, they will fail at some point do to normal wear and tear. When that time comes, replacement is inevitable.

For convenience and planning sake, it is good to know when your water heater is failing so you can identify the process in the beginning to avoid being without hot water. Without planning, it is possible to be caught off guard and be stuck without hot water for multiple days. Below are signals a new water heater should be installed. Continue reading

New NAECA Water Heater Guidelines In April 2015

Water heater rules for increasing minimum energy efficiency standards were enacted in 2010. The product specifications will first be effective April 16, 2015, changing dimensions and increasing performance.

What The New Hot Water Heater Rules Mean To You?

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The 2015 NAECA water heater standards will increase the height of water heaters

Manufacturers of water heaters are making the necessary improvements to their entire lines of electric and gas water heaters to meet the new NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act) standards.

So for homeowners and other consumers in Waukesha WI, there are no worries about technology and engineering involved in the changes. However, the improvements could impact consumers in a number of ways when it is time to replace failing units.

The updated models will be more efficient than ever. That is a given. But they will also have increased physical size as part of their new profile. Like capacity hot water heaters will be two inches taller than previous models. Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling Studio – Showroom In Waukesha WI

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Trying products can help you pick the perfect solution for your needs

Bathroom remodeling can be easier than ever before when a complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio and Showroom is available for your use.

Schoenwalder Plumbing has created the… Continue reading