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Craftsman Style Bathroom | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
The use of natural colors, wood trim and traditional-looking fixtures gives this new bathroom an honest period feel.

Traditional, intimate designs make a Craftsman home appealing and that includes a Craftsman style bathroom. Waukesha WI and the surrounding area is dotted with these rustic styles. And, they are favorite targets for remodeling to bring them back to their period attraction.

A Craftsman home, as the name suggests, is marked by personal touches, natural beauty and simplicity. They are sometimes described as rustic, sometimes classic and even “woodsy.” However you define a Craftsman home, it is highlighted by hand-crafted quality and simple, natural materials throughout – including its bathrooms.

While the Craftsman style brings back a bygone age, today’s upgrades include the latest technology in a timeless design.

Create A ‘New Old’ In A Craftsman Style Bathroom

Also known as American Arts & Crafts style, a home décor fitting the Craftsman label is likely to include:

  • Hand-made, richly colored tile
  • Natural wood molding and trim
  • An “earthy” nature-inspired color palette throughout
  • Shaker-style vanities
  • Warm, dark metal fixtures and hardware
  • Natural materials with “character” like wood, stone and copper
Craftsman Style Bathroom | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Create added depth and warmth to your Craftsman style bathroom by using  natural stone, wood, soft lighting and earth-tone paint.

A true Craftsman bathroom reflects a natural appeal with a refined touch. A Craftsman bathroom is simple not purely “minimalist.”

What aren’t you likely to see in a true Craftsman creation:

  • Bright colors
  • Cutting-edge, ultra-modern fixtures
  • Shiny bright metal or a lot of glass
  • Curving, shapes
  • Mix-and-match use of materials and finishes

Spend Time With Bathroom Design Details

Tile is one of the hottest elements in the building and remodeling realm and the creative use of tile is basic to Craftsman designs. Hand-made tiles in particular reflect the historic, hand-crafted nature of the design school.  Bathroom tile applications regularly include:

  • Simple, rectangular and square tiles in rich, natural colors.
  • Tile for walls and floors
  • Hand-painted tiles as accents

Another basic element of the style is the use of wood. Natural wood is a hallmark of the Craftsman. The creative use of wood is found in various ways, including:

  • Stained vanities, trim and molding
  • Dark to medium tones are popular
  • Custom cabinetry and bathtub surrounds
  • Large framing around windows, doors, mirrors, etc.
Craftsman Style Bathroom | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Craftsman styling does not have to look like a cabin in the woods – the use of natural stone, wood, soft lighting and earth-tone paint does the trick.

Keeping with the natural theme, stone is also a common décor basic. Stone can be found in various forms, including:

  • Countertops
  • Floors
  • Wall treatments

“Earthy” tones in granite, slate, quartzite and soapstone are popular options. Natural stone is an ideal mix with custom wood cabinetry and soft lighting.

Lighting associated with the Craftsman interior tends to be soft and warm. Wall fixtures made to look like lanterns or period styles are popular. Recessed lighting that provides an even glow throughout the bathroom are excellent choices.

A more unusual touch common to the style is the use of stained glass. Stained glass windows add decorative appeal while increasing privacy in the bathroom. Rather than changing existing windows, it’s possible to use a stained glass panel to accent a clear window.

Special Touches For Your Bathroom Renovation

The basic construction materials in your new bathroom set the stage, but additional interior design elements provide finishing touches. The blend of natural materials with accent colors makes a huge difference. Paint colors for a true Craftsman look include:

  • Rich earth tones like Chestnut, bark, stone sienna and ochre – every paint manufacturers has its own name for hues in this range.
  • Earth-tone greens – sage, moss, olive, etc.
  • Warm neutral hues – cream, parchment, beige, taupe, etc.

The palette of colors is pulled from that natural surroundings. The colors of pine trees, rich earth, rocks and sand. Matte finishes are common for tile to keep with the natural, no shine, look. Matte finishes are more subtle and subdues and enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom.

In keeping with the historic heritage of the design style, Shaker-style vanities and cabinets are a popular choice. There’s a solid Shaker influence in a lot of Wisconsin-oriented architecture and interior design.

Bathroom Sink And Faucet Choices

Reflecting the resources of the early 20th century, Craftsman style fixtures are simple, basic. A pedestal sink, for example, is a staple of the design for guest bathrooms and powder rooms. However, modern double sinks are easily fit into the style.

Chrome faucets have been popular for almost 100 years, replacing earlier designs because they are easier to clean and less expensive. However, modern technology brings back the older designs and basic material with new finishes that also require less maintenance.

Faucet options include:

  • Nickel – it can be brushed, hammered or polished for a shine of matte finish. It is warmer than chrome and goes well with earth tones like orange, green and brown. Brushed nickel is sometimes called pewter. Brushed nickel is the best choice for a low-maintenance installation because it resists tarnishing better than a polished surface.
  • Rubber bronze – an oil-rubbed surface that is dark, rich and durable. On the high-end of the price scale.
  • Brass – a truly traditional look that works with a modern sink or period installation. Ideal when there’s a lot of natural elements in the bathroom. Available in polished, brushed or hammered surface treatment.
  • Oiled bronze – provides a unique, dark and rich appearance. A durable metal it is among the most expensive choices.
  • Copper – copper fixtures are unique and make a statement. However they require more maintenance than some other choices. Left untouched they will develop a natural green patina as they age – for some an attraction, for others this looks like corrosion.
  • Custom finishes – there are fixture choices ranging from a matte black finish to pure white. Combination of metal fixtures with colored handles – the old-school farmhouse faucet for example – fit the style nicely.

Create A Craftsman Style Bathroom – Work With The Pros

If you are one of the lucky southern Wisconsin residents living in a true Craftsman style home, bungalow or cottage creating a period-style bathroom is a popular decision. When you’re ready to bring your home up to date with a new Craftsman style bathroom, contact Schoenwalder Plumbing – call, email or drop in. We have a showroom filled with examples of plumbing fixtures to make your dream bathroom remodel Waukesha a reality. In addition, our skilled, licensed plumbing professionals are ready to help with planning and installation. Let us guide you through the creation of a true Craftsman style bathroom for your Waukesha WI or Lake Country home.

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