Measure Your Bathroom Remodeling Value

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Unique vanity designs offer solutions to storage concerns in even the smallest bathroom – you can never have too much storage!

The bathrooms and kitchen are the most important rooms in any house in the eyes of prospective buyers. Replacing dated and worn items in the bathroom with modern fixtures and materials is a solid investment. Creating functional spaces benefits you today and when you sell and can help you boost your property value just by remodeling your bathroom.

Are you planning to enhance a bathroom with a bathroom remodel Waukesha WI plan or two as you prep the house for sale? If you are, professionals suggest you focus on the visual details. Sometimes the plumbing leak might get out of control and you need an emergency plumber. These are items, big and small, that jump out at visitors as they tour the home. Invest in things like:

  • Popular tiles – modern, easy-maintenance tiles for floors, showers, etc.
  • Contemporary colors – a little paint goes a long way, but don’t overdo the dark choices and consider avoiding boring white.
  • Up-to-date fixtures – replace dated faucets, shower heads, etc. with contemporary styles that blend with new tiles and color schemes.
  • Accent the space – bring in colors with towels, countertop displays and window treatments.

Focus On Top ROI Prospects

From coast-to-coast home buyers evaluate three elements they perceive represent the most bathroom remodeling value:

  • Bathroom floors – the floor projects the overall new “look.” The key is finding a style that is durable and requires little maintenance. Large format tiles that mimic real stone or hardwood are popular trends.
  • Bathtubs and showers – the whirlpool tubs of the 1990s are being replaced with soaking tubs or no tub at all. Don’t take out every bathtub in the house, but consider replacing the tub in the master bathroom with an expanded, walk-in shower.
  • Vanities – upgrades should include new countertops, faucets and sinks – more than one sink is extremely popular in master bathrooms. Provide storage – you can never have too much bathroom storage space.

Don’t Overlook Day-to-day Value For Yourself

Bathroom Remodel Value | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
The value of any space is measured by how it fits your lifestyle and daily routine. There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to a bathroom.

Most people start and end the day in the bathroom. It has become a space representing more than daily prep, it’s a place to relax and feel secure. It has function that enhances your lifestyle. While renovations provide resale value, they provide immediate value to you every day.

Bathroom makeovers range from minor changes to knocking out walls and rewriting the floor plan. That’s your choice. Remember, though, a plan for the bathroom means working in a relatively small, confined space. Meaning you have to concentrate on even the smallest details of layout and design.

In a small space, a little goes a long way. A project doesn’t need to be expansive or expensive to have a great impact. Something as simple as changing paint color and window treatments while adding new vanity and designer mirrors adds a lot.

Professional designers report that 75% of homeowners measure bathroom remodeling value in terms of how the changes will make their homes more appealing – to them. They like the house and neighborhood. They plan to stay. They are changing to get even more from their home. The National Association of Realtors uses a “Joy” factor to rate how people define value. A new bathroom rates a 10 on the “Joy Scale.” That’s the highest possible score.

The Right Team Adds Bathroom Remodeling Value

Quality products that fit your vision and working with a qualified professional are primary steps toward a successful remodel. Quality shows over every inch of space. A professional has the right tools, expertise and skill to provide the best “bang for your buck” today and in the future. In addition, professionals know what’s hot and what sells. And, they stand behind their work beyond basic product warranty.

You can rely upon experienced, trained, licensed professionals at Schoenwalder Plumbing for the latest products and installations. Call, email or visit Schoenwalder Plumbing and learn how we apply our expertise to increase the bathroom remodel value in your Waukesha or Lake Country home.


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