DIY Hot Water Heater Installation Blamed For Deaths

To the uninitiated, a hot water heater replacement might appear to be a good do-it-yourself (DIY) project, but it’s just not for everyone, some may find it easier to get hot water tank installations.  Every year homeowners take on the challenge. Many with frightening results. Before attempting a critical heater installation in your Waukesha WI home, consider the risks. They easily overwhelm the savings.

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Tankless heaters are the latest technology but they require the same heat source, venting and attention to detail as traditional units.

Poorly installed water heaters cause fires, floods and fatalities. As recent news reports confirm:

DELAWARE, OH — A hot water heater installed by the homeowner and a friend has been blamed for a lethal buildup of carbon monoxide that caused the death of four family members. The family, two adults and two children, were found Monday morning in their suburban home. Investigators traced the source of the toxic gas to a tankless hot water heater installed less than a month ago.

County inspectors report the heater’s exhaust pipe was found to be misaligned, allowing exhaust to escape into the home. There’s no way to tell if it was not installed correctly or was knocked out of place later, according to inspectors. Officials confirmed that no permit for the installation was on file, and no official inspection was completed – violations of Ohio building code.

The U. S. Center For Disease Control (CDC) points out that unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning cause more than 400 deaths annually and sends more than 20,000 people to emergency rooms. Additionally, studies show annual damages from a botched a heater replacement amount to more than $75 million in damage from explosions and fires.

Homeowners lack experience and training. Licensed plumbers have the skill, tools and expertise, plus they know which permits are required where to get them. They will complete up-to-code installations.

Risks Of Heater Installation Errors

A do-it-yourself installation poses risks from installing the wrong size for your home to threats of fire, explosions and exposure to lethal gas.

Choosing the right size heater is essential. A unit that’s too small doesn’t provide enough hot water when you need it and wastes energy. Eventually, the added stress reduces the life of the new heater, too. If you don’t want any errors when installing heating, then make sure to contact the commercial heating in east providence ri for amazing service.

Serious threats to family and property include:

  • Blocked relief valves – An essential safety device, the relief valve opens when pressure inside the tank builds up dangerously high. A blocked or improperly installed valve allows excessive pressure to build leading to an explosive situation.
  • Gas lines – many traditional and tankless residential water heaters rely upon gas as the source for the heating element. Gas lines provide an even flow of gas to the ignition system and burner. Blocked or leaking lines create explosion risks. Older brass gas fittings often crack when disconnected and reconnected. Licensed plumbers in annapolis md will test for dangerous cracks.
  • Improper venting – combustion gases must be vented to the outside. Improper venting and a phenomenon known as “back-drafting” cause fumes and gases to escape into the building. A 20-year-old vent that was fine for the original water heater may not be sufficient for a new one. This is especially true when installing a larger heater with a greater BTU rating. As the news item said: carbon monoxide is a lethal health risk.
  • Thermostat settings – setting the thermostat too high (above 140°F) increases the risk of scalding injuries when water escapes taps and shower heads. Setting water temperature at 120°F or slightly above, conserves energy and reduces the build-up of scale and sediments.
  • Water leaks – you may be replacing the existing water heater because of a leaking tank. Additional leaks because the new unit is installed wrong doesn’t solve the problem, so is better to get a plumber Springfield service to fix this completely.

Tap Hot Water Heater Technology, Know-how

Modern water heaters are more technical than ever. The risk of carbon monoxide must be taken seriously. Professionals know how to match vents with heater sizes – and understand that some water heaters share vents with furnaces. Even a “basic” water heater installation has subtle concerns.

When it comes to incorporating new technology, licensed plumbers who are hands-on with the technology every day, know what works. Professional plumbing contractors sell products supported by real world experience.

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