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Walk-in showers have replace whirlpool tubs at the top of the bathroom remodeling wish list.

A bathroom remodel is one of the hottest construction projects of the 21st Century. While all plumbing upgrades are considered excellent investments, there’s no guarantee how much return they will generate. There are regions where a basic remodeling project will return more than 100% of the cost. But the average ROI in cities like Waukesha WI is around 60%.

The best advice when reviewing bathroom remodel costs vs. value is to think strictly in terms of what you will get out of it. Will it add to the livability of your home? Will it make live more enjoyable? Unless you’re planning to sell soon, be selfish and think it terms of the project’s value to your lifestyle.

Value Is Relative

A return on your plumbing upgrades will be directly linked to the overall value of your house. And, the value of your home is related to the condition and value of the other homes in your neighborhood. Realtors report that kitchens and bathrooms are where you can tell if money has been well spent. They may be the areas where remodeling is the most costly, but they are also the rooms where people spend a lot of personal time.

“Is it worth it?” That’s a question asked of every potential home improvement. It’s a simple question when applied to bathroom remodel costs, but it can have many answers. The answer changes as your priorities and perspective changes. There’s no right answer. To come up with a solution you can live with, ponder what can be.

What do you want? What do you need? These two can be very different. What can you afford? The complexity of renovating a bathroom with a new floor plan and new fixtures has significant impact on the overall cost of a bathroom remodeling project.

Justifying Bathroom Remodel Costs

Once you’ve determined what kind of budget you have to work with, consider the following motivations for going ahead with the job:

  • Updating fixtures and floor plans
  • Catering to changing physical need – more accessible designs and fixtures
  • To improve day-to-day experience for the family

Are these the reasons you’re willing to take on a major renovation – it will involve time, money and inconvenience. Whether you call it a remodeling project, an upgrade or just a change, it’s a major shift in the way you use and enjoy your home. Unless you’re preparing to move, the value to the quality of family life should be the driving force. If the resulting renovation and upgrades makes you happy and fits within your budget, it’s worth it.

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