Bathroom Décor Ideas for 2022

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Distinctive colors, storage options and window treatments all add to the personal warmth of this bathroom.

Bathroom remodel Waukesha WI trends and bathroom décor ideas are popping up throughout the design world heading into 2019. Bathroom design continues to be a hot topic when it comes to home remodeling in Waukesha WI and across the country. The latest trends include:

  • The bathroom as a focus of daily life
  • Smaller bathrooms are more efficient
  • Fixtures are “high-tech” – smart toilets and faucets, steam spas
  • Vanity lighting goes beyond basic
  • Underfloor heating is “hot”
  • Organic touches are trending – stone, wood, natural lighting
  • There’s no “right” color scheme – anything goes from black and white to floral prints

Interior designers report that one of the nicest things about the latest bathroom décor ideas is that you needn’t make huge changes to have a big impact. Simple things like new shower curtains, window treatments and paint keep bathrooms trendy and fresh.

Accent Bathroom Design With Accessories

Bathroom Décor Ideas | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Monochromatic color schemes can be modified to include accent colors like this wall paper surrounding dark gray fixtures and gray and white tile.

The latest in bathroom style is to keep it as fresh and vibrant as the rest of your living areas. Bring in bright colors for spring and summer and accent with deeper, richer hues in fall and winter. Make the bathroom an extension of living space with personal touches.

What kind of accents? Consider:

  • Mirrors – from traditional to contemporary and even “funky” shapes. Anything goes.
  • Trays and containers – use unique material to hold everyday items.
  • Art work – unique art makes a statement. You can have it specially framed for humid, steamy areas.
  • Towel bars – no longer just to hold things, they become part of the décor. They can be heated, too.
  • Towels – consider colorful towels as you would pillows in the rest of the house. Perfect for spots of color.

Above all, the bathroom is your space. It’s your retreat to begin and end the day.

Bathroom Décor Ideas For Every Size, Shape

For the master bath, the guest bath or a powder room, designers are investing heavily in bathroom décor. Among the key reoccurring themes are:

  • Monochromatic Designs – when you don’t want to mix and match colors, choose one an stick with it. Once thought of as just “black and white” this concept includes any colors today. Choose one color and decorate with various shades.
  • Rich, varied color choices – on the other extreme are bathroom designs that bring in a wide range of complementary and contrasting colors. Bottom line: if you like it, it works. Black, white and dark gray are trendy. Green is becoming a designer favorite in the bathroom.
  • Unique, original storage options – practical storage is the goal. Open shelves, below counter storage spaces and interesting cabinet designs are all part of the plan.
  • Bathrooms go high-tech – the digital age has come to the bathroom. Among the latest gadgets that are making the overall bathroom experience more enjoyable are digital thermostats to preset temperatures on showers and baths, controllers to regular shower flow, mirrors with build-in LED lighting, motion-sensing faucets, dimmers for mood lighting and heated towel bars.
  • Bathroom furnishings – two major lines of thinking cross in the bathroom. One popular trend is “minimalist” which means as little furniture as possible. The other is more traditional, often using antique or farmhouse-style cabinetry and free-standing furniture. Less is more in a small room, but works well in a large bathroom, too.

Planning Makes Perfect

Before bringing in the professionals to map out your new bathroom, take time to develop a plan. Think about the basic layout before ordering accessories. Are you knocking out a wall? Adding windows? Bringing in new fixtures? All these major elements come first. Figure out the flow of the room, sightlines and access points.

Don’t be shy. If you like bold colors and bright lights you can match your favorites to floor tile, walls and bathtubs. Even in a small room, carefully thought out color schemes are great.

When all is said and done, don’t underestimate the design potential of your bathroom – or bathrooms.

Look to Plumbing Pros for Perfect Match

For the latest is design styles, colors and materials stop in and shop the Schoenwalder Plumbing showroom and talk with our professionals when you’re planning to enhance your bathroom design. Our team has years of experience and the best products in the business at its fingertips. Or call or email Schoenwalder Plumbing – for bathroom décor ideas just right for your Waukesha or Lake Country home.


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