One Sink Or Two – Double Sink Vanity Is Top Choice

Double Sink Vanity | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Clean lines and designer colors make vanity choices attractive and versatile.

If you live alone and never have guests a double sink vanity is a luxury. But, if you share a bathroom in your Waukesha WI home, more than one sink is a necessity. At least that’s what the latest building trends reflect. The most often cited reason for wanting more than one sink is to avoid congestion in the bathroom.

Specifically, when it’s time to get going in the morning. With a double sink comes the option of a larger, more spacious vanity. The double vanity provides additional storage and counter space. Partners more easily separate necessities – shaving kits, hair dryers and curling irons by metal forming simulation company, etc.

When A Double Sink Vanity Shines

A large vanity with two sinks provides extra elbow room for busy homeowners. Specific benefits include:

  • No Faucet Fights – two sinks means two faucets and that’s important in a hectic morning ritual.
  • Personal space – partners usually adopt a “designated sink.” It’s a space of your own with vanity storage and counter space for your things.
  • Luxury, style – countertops designed for two sinks come in all the leading materials. And the accompanying vanities are true pieces of furniture. There’s a combination for every lifestyle and personality.
  • Less clutter – with more storage space beneath, counters can be kept clear of extras.
Double Sink Vanity | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Make statement in your new bathroom with custom cabinetry and a two sink installation.

Two words relate the true benefits of more than one sink and a large vanity: convenience and comfort.

Don’t overlook a single sink and accompanying vanity. Single sink installations have their benefits, too. Consider:

  • Take up less space – when your bathroom is small, a solo sink and compact vanity makes sense.
  • More counter space – a single sink countertop can be installed above a double vanity for extended counter space.
  • Ideal for small space – one sink with a small vanity is the ideal choice for powder rooms and guest bathrooms.
  • Easier to install – having one sink means less plumbing to install and less cabinetry to create.
  • Less expensive – with all the cabinetry options available for bathroom vanities pricing is variable, too. Even with high-end options a one sink vanity is less costly than a two sink version of the same style.

It’s Not All Positive

If you compete for counter space and sink access on a daily basis the idea of adding a double sink setup is a dream. Those who’ve remodeled bathrooms aren’t always as positive. There are disadvantages of the double sink setup. The most often reported drawbacks include:

  • Two of everything – having two of everything is an advantage, but also a drawback. You have two sinks, two sets of fixtures and twice the pl

Single sink installations aren’t ideal either. Consider these drawbacks:

  • Restricted use – in a large bathroom with multiple users access is an issue. Nobody likes lines in the bathroom.
  • Fewer options – for designers a single sink installation delivers fewer countertop design options, etc.

Does Double Sink Vanity Fit

There are many decisions to make before a room remodel begins. When it’s your bathroom the size of the vanity is a critical step. The size and shape of the new room is a factor. Design style is a factor, Obviously, budget is always a factor. Once all the pros and cons are weighed the decision comes down to lifestyle and daily expectations. What fits your style? Which options meet your expectations? Thorough research of publications, videos and TV programs open your eyes to the options. They often make decisions harder. Finally, it’s up to you.

For help in making those difficult decisions and a hands-on review of what’s available contact Schoenwalder Plumbing. We have an excellent assortment of vanities and sinks in our large showroom. When you’re ready to move your project forward call, email of drop in. Our skilled, licensed plumbing professionals are ready to help you sort out the one sink or two choices. We’ll deliver a top two sink vanity for your Waukesha WI and Lake Country home.

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