Water Treatment Extends Life of Fixtures And Appliances

This won’t do – a water treatment system to combat hard water is the solution.

Wisconsin is known for “hard water” that benefits from a professional water treatment system. A systematic analysis by an experienced plumbing service leads the way to extending the life of your pipes, fixtures and appliances.

People and Property Benefit from Water Treatment

The quality of your water is a key to your overall health. Without effective water treatment, a host of serious illnesses can be  linked to “bad” water including bacteria, viruses and organic pollutants, chemicals and mineral content.

High-quality water is even more beneficial to household appliances. Installing a whole house treatment system can improve your quality of life and save you money by keeping your appliances running at top efficiency and lasting longer. Consider – A water softener can cut the use of laundry detergent and dishwashing soaps by as much as half.A water softener can increase the life of water heaters, too. The Water Quality Research Foundation reports heaters benefiting from a water softening system maintained factory efficiency ratings for up to 15 years. With hard water the efficiency is reduced by almost 50%. And, every showerhead, faucet and drain benefits from fewer clogs and less mineral buildup. Hard water passing through shower heads can reduce the flow by as much as 75% in as few as 18 months. Some faucet strainers clog in only two weeks.

Two Places To Start

Your household water treatment system comes into play in one of two places. A system can be installed at the point of use, or at the point where the water enters the building. One choice is for a simple solution while the other deals with the more common problem of hard water in the area.

At The Point of Use — A device to treat water where it is consumed, providing a final barrier to contaminants. This solution may be used in addition to a whole-house system – it’s a matter of personal preference. Available as filters attached to a kitchen tap, built into an appliance or a simple pitcher storing tap water. These commonly use an activated carbon filtration system and reverse osmosis. They work well when water is used in small quantities for drinking and cooking.

At the Point of Entry — A whole house treatment system includes water softeners and large filtration systems. Treating water as it enters the building makes sense when larger quantities are required for showering, washing clothes and dishes, flushing toilets and similar functions. This large scale use of technology includes ion exchange and activated carbon filtration.

You Know What Needs Water Treatment In Your home

If any of these apply to your home, you need to consult a professional plumbing service –

  • The water from your tap doesn’t taste good
  • The water from your tap doesn’t smell good
  • Your tap water doesn’t lather or build enough suds when mixed with soap
  • Your water leaves behind spots or crusty buildup

There is no single solution when your water quality is lacking. But, with the right solution, drinking water tastes better, soap rinses off and your dishes are cleaner. When you call upon a professional plumbing service, expect state certified water testing specialists who will determine the options best suited to your home. They will test the water, recommend the best water treatment options, install and maintain your choice of equipment and be on call for future concerns.

Considerations in the Waukesha WI area include –

  • Water softeners
  • Water filters of various types
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Ultra Violet light treatments
  • Chlorination and/or de-chlorination
  • Specialized, customized systems

There is hard water throughout the region – both in municipal water and personal well water – and it challenges even an experienced plumbing organization. Dealing with your personal needs is not a DIY project. Professional plumbing service is an investment that pays.

Schoenwalder Plumbing provides plumbing service, remodeling and water treatment services in Lake Country including Hartland, Delafield, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Oconomowoc, Dousman and New Berlin.

For the ultimate in plumbing service and the highest quality water in your Waukesha WI home, call or email Schoenwalder Plumbing to explore your water treatment options.

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