Know When Your Well Pump Is Failing

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A strong and stable water flow shows your pump is operating properly

You and your family will survive a well pump failure. Time will not stand still.

However, consider the following. You are in the middle of your morning shower, thinking about the busy morning ahead. You are covered with soap suds. Your hair is completely covered in shampoo. Then the water stops. Your pump has failed. This is not life altering – but it is inconvenient, annoying and usually very avoidable.

Given the choice, most people will choose not to get stranded in the shower. During winter especially!

How To Predict Well Pump Failure

Well pumps are mechanical so they will show signs of aging. For people wanting to avoid being stranded in the shower covered in lather, there are warning signs that can help you. Below are common  well pump warning signs providing hints failure is on its way.

  • Short Cycling –when there is a lack of air in the well pump system, the pressure tank is water logged. If the running time of your well pump is less than a minute, it is a short cycle. If this continues, your pump is sending you a message. Along with the short cycle, loud pipe noises or pressure fluctuations can occur. Any or all of these symptoms tell you a well pump failure is on its way.
  • Air Presence – an additional symptom of failing well pumps is too much air. Water coming out of your faucet like a soda fountain tells you your well pump is on its way to failing.
  • Low Water Pressure – water pressure a little lower than it has been in the past is a definite red flag. You may still have a stream of water. However, the stream is not as strong as in the past. Chances are your well pump is quietly failing. When it will stop working for good  is the only question.
  • High Electric Bills – a well pump running almost continuously to keep water pressure up is setting up for failure. It is robbing you of money in the form of increased electricity expense. A hole in a pipe somewhere in the system may also be the issue in this situation. Either way, high electric costs shows a well pump is working hard to maintain pressure.
  • Strange Well Pump Noises – strange noises coming from your well pump is usually a sign it is beginning to fail. A moving part is be wearing poorly and beginning to fail. It is a matter of time before you need a new well pump.

When To Replace Well Pumps

Well Pump - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Waukesha WI
An early sign of a well pump failure is lower water pressure

Any combination of warning signs noted above indicate well pumps will need to be replaced. When they need to be replaced is anyone’s guess. You have two choices –

Choice One – Before – replace your well pump prior to failing. If you don’t, disruption and headache is in your future. The professionals at Schoenwalder Plumbing suggest this option.

Choice Two – After – wait until well pump failure. Most likely you will experience frustration, disruption and headache. These feelings may be increased if the repair staff is not available immediately.

The timing of your well pump replacement is completely up to you.

Have your well pump assessed by contacting Schoenwalder  Plumbing and Pumps, serving Lake Country including Waukesha, Hartland, Delafield, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Elm Grove and Dousman. Call us at 262-542-7908 or email us and we will call you.

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