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Touchless Faucets | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Don’t transfer grease and grime to your kitchen faucet – touchless activation is the way of the future.

You get a pizza delivered and can buy a car without personal contact so why not add the latest “smart” technology and put touchless faucets in your home? Waukesha WI area homeowners are looking for ways to guard against the pandemic of 2020 and make their homes more efficient as well. A hands-free faucet is a perfect solution.

Anywhere you are preparing your food the risk of bacteria is high. After coming home from shopping or having groceries delivered, the risk of contagions is higher, too. A kitchen faucets that turns on and off without maneuvering a handle makes sense, right? You don’t have to really touch anything until your hands are clean. Activating an sensor to get water flowing reduces contact with germs. Recent studies suggest the handle of a kitchen faucet has more than 600 times as many microorganisms per square inch than a toilet handle. It’s no wonder the demand for touchless fixtures is growing – and manufacturers are introducing new models all the time.

Where Touchless Faucets Make Sense

Touchless Faucets | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Hands-free operation is available for faucets anywhere in the house.

The Kohler Company along with the well-known Harris Poll sought out the opinions of adults across the country this summer. The goal was to gauge where the most interested in this up-and-coming technology lies. The majority of the people were parents of school-age children. What were the key findings?

  1. 76% said they would feel safer from germs in a kitchen with touchless fixtures available for their use.
  2. 65% said adding faucets that didn’t need someone to physically turn them on and off would be high on their “must have” list for future remodeling projects.

In addition, the American Standard company reports the hottest search word on its website since early 2020 has been “touchless.”

Touchless Technology Boosts Efficiency

Everyone is concerned with family health and safety, but is that the No. 1 priority for a kitchen appliance? Probably not. Making life easier and kitchen chores go faster is still the goal. In any kitchen where cooks are juggling tasks and utensils convenience is important. Consider these advantages of a touchless system:

  • When you have your hands full a sensor to turn water on/off is a blessing.
  • You don’t want to touch the faucet when your hands are dirty – or sticky from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, right?
  • Motion-sensing – generating water flow with the wave of your hand – is helpful if you’re filling a large container.
  • The latest “smart” technology includes turning water on and off with voice commands.
  • Some recent introductions feature a way to change from sensor to standard hand-control when you want to.

Make the most of the latest technology. No matter if you want to wave your hand at it, speak to it, tap it or turn it on as usual, there’s a modern fixture just right for your home. Among the highest of the high-tech smart options is a faucet connected to a smart home system that activates in a “wash my hands” mode. The voice command to the system’s controller turns on the water so hands can be wet and soaped. It then turns off for about 20 seconds for scrubbing. And, it’s back on for about 10 seconds for the rinse. There’s even a unit that responds to the command: “fill the dog’s dish.” It dispenses a measured amount then turns off.

The designers behind the innovations are homeowners, too. So they’re thought of most things that could be an issue – like the cat walking too close to a sensor.

Touchless Faucets Make Their Mark

Touchless Faucets | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
There’s a touchless fixture for every décor from traditional to ultra-modern.

Google searches for touchless fixtures have increased by nearly 130% in the last 6 months. And while most faucets that fit the category are for kitchen installations there are bathroom fixtures as well. Hands-free faucets aren’t new in commercial bathroom settings but they’re not common in residential installations. But, as the overall concern for hygiene grows so does demand for touchless applications in the bathroom. Manufacturers have heard the demand and today there are dozens of styles from traditional to ultra-modern created specifically for bathrooms.

Whether the world is facing a crisis of not, doesn’t it makes sense to protect your family from germs whenever you can? Adding new kitchen and bathroom faucets taking advantage of these high-tech options is worth considering. If you’re planning to remodel kitchen or bath, put them high on your list of choices. You don’t have to go overboard with “bells and whistles” to increase protection for your family and efficiency in your home.

When you’re ready for new fixtures of a complete kitchen or bathroom renovation explore all the latest the plumbing world has to offer. You may be pleasantly surprised at what’s available to enhance your lifestyle. Whenever you’re up-grading faucets and fixtures – high-tech or more traditional – it is wise to rely upon licensed plumbing professionals. You don’t want anything left to chance, especially with the new “smart” connections. Everything must be up to code and work as promised the first time.

When you’re ready call 262-542-7908 to make an appointment to see what Schoenwalder Plumbing can do for you. We’re ready to provide everything you need. Our certified plumbers make installing faucets and fixtures look easy. We’ll deliver peace of mind along with the latest touchless faucets for your Waukesha WI or Lake Country home.

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