Bathroom Vanity Styles Add Sophistication To Function

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Make a statement with a bathroom vanity that’s more than a sink-holder, it’s a piece of fine furniture.

When it comes to bathroom designs, anything goes from minimalists’ sink with exposed plumbing to an elegant bathroom vanity rivaling high-end furniture. For most in Waukesha WI and the Lake Country, vanities are combining the elements of storage space and décor accent. They are getting bigger, bolder and more creative. With modern installations you can have both luxury and function.

Homeowners are looking at their bathrooms with a more critical eye in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s vanity tops have to not only look good, but be easy to clean. Keeping bathroom surfaces germ-free has never been more important.

Bathroom Vanity Choices – From Traditional To Ultra-modern

When you go to the expense of renovating a bathroom, you want to sure every detail meshes perfectly, right? Whether you’re installing a rustic, cabin-style bathroom or a luxury spa-like retreat there’s a vanity that fits. Creativity has become the name of the game in a bathroom remodel Waukesha – from floating, wall-mounted vanities to converting an antique dresser with a basin-like sink on top. There are dozens of textures, colors and styles from which to choose.

Homeowners want a bathroom remodel to reflect their personality and lifestyle. With that in mind, consider these vanity choices:

  • Storage space – drawers, doors or open shelves.
  • Plain, fancy or custom cabinetry – from simple to ultra-modern or “old school.”
  • Colors – you’re not restrained by anything.
  • Layouts – anything from a simple stand-alone cabinet to wall-to-wall installations.
  • Accessories – power for personal care appliances, built-in audio systems and device charging stations.
  • Sink options – one sink, two sinks, large, small – anything you can imagine.

Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Vanity | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
A dazzling blend of contemporary styling and performance.

Two of the hottest trends in bathroom design include expansive vanity installations and what designers call “statement vanities.” If you have a large master bathroom stretching the vanity and countertops from one end to the other provides plenty of counter space – and room for more than one sink. Large mirrors, multiple mirrors and upper cabinets often accompany a large vanity installation.

A statement vanity isn’t restricted by the size of the room. You can make a statement in a powder room, guest bathroom or expanded master suite.

If you’re remodeling plan calls for traditional styling and fixtures a vanity layout making use of basic cabinetry is a likely choice. If you’re going for a contemporary look you have a great opportunity to make a statement with colors and fixtures.

What’s been hot in the last couple of years? Bathroom design specialists point to farmhouse, rustic themes remaining popular. However, what they term “soft modern” and luxury themes are gaining acceptance. Scandinavian contemporary styling has never gone out of style, but has been rediscovered by a new generation of homeowners.

The most popular category tag for bathroom design is the “transitional” space. It’s a blend of styling that links your bathroom to the rest of the house. It’s clean and modern yet elegant, simple and functional. Creativity takes the form of color combination, vanity hardware and countertops.

Bathroom Colors – Classics Prevail

Bathroom Vanity | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
The warmth of wood and the drama of bold colors and unique fixtures make this vanity installation special.

While bold colors are gaining popularity, sticking with classic color combinations for vanities like mixes of white, gray and black are still favored. The use of wood stains is making a strong comeback. Designers suggest that using wood tones provides a cozy, warmth to bathroom décor.

In recent years, the trend has been toward gray and black as the No. 1 choices, while white remains strong. Designers report more and more homeowners are “experimenting” with bold, bright non-traditional colors, too. It’s a perfect way to express yourself. Can you picture an emerald green vanity with gold-plated fixtures? Maybe Badger red and white?

While anything goes in your bathroom remodel, keep in mind that it’s a major commitment and you have to live with it for a long time. If you’re concerned with getting tired of the bold experiment in a year or two, consider neutral colors accented by bold décor elements – mirrors, fixtures, cabinet hardware and lights, etc. You want to create a space you look forward to as you begin each day, right?

Vanity Size Matters

Bigger isn’t always better. When it comes to a vanity for the bathroom, size depends upon two big elements:

  1. The overall footprint of the room – how much space do you have to work with?
  2. How much storage space do you want/need?

When you’re creating a master suite the trend is toward larger installations. The more space you have the more vanity you want. Especially in a family bathroom with more than one sink – and double sinks are highly prized. Because your main bathroom is so important to daily life, you want it to make you comfortable, right?

Even in a guest bathroom or powder room, larger single vanities are popular. In these smaller spaces, the size of the room plays an increasingly important role.

The bathroom vanity plays two important roles: it holds the sink and it provides storage. How much storage you need depends upon your lifestyle and the size of your family. Today’s modern, high-energy family can never have too much storage. The trick is making efficient use of space while balancing style. An ever-increasing demand is consideration of electronic gadgets and appliances in the bathroom – everything from hair dryer, curling irons and electric razors to smart phones and tablets.

Do you have a lot of “stuff” taking up space on your bathroom counter? Most people do. Finding a solution to store this plus towels and medications is critical. The demands of plumbing beneath the cabinet top dictates a lot of styling. But, adjustable rollout shelves take advantage of this once vacant space.

To minimize the appearance of clutter there are some elements of your bathroom that need to be stored behind closed doors – or in a drawer. Others are more decorative and can become décor elements on open shelves.

Easy-to-clean Vanities – More Important Than Ever

Maintaining a clean, healthy bathroom environment has always been important. But, it’s never been more important than in 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic has opened everyone’s eyes to the need for personal hygiene in our daily lives. When it comes to the design of something as basic as a vanity in the bathroom little things make a difference. Manufacturers feature units with less hardware, seamless sink installations and easy-to-clean counters – fewer cracks and crevices to keep clean, etc.

Among the health-oriented features on the drawing boards are:

  • Built-in sanitizing stations including UV light to kill germs
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers built-in just like soap dispensers
  • Replaceable mats for inside cabinets and drawers – removable for easy cleaning
  • Touchless opening and closing mechanisms

Features that address the work it takes – or lack of work – to keep the bathroom clean not only makes sense in your daily routine, it adds to resale value when that time comes.

Look To Professionals For Bathroom Vanity Installation

When you’ve committed to a bathroom renovation you don’t want to leave anything to chance, right? Whether adding or upgrading a bathroom, it’s wise to rely upon licensed plumbing professionals to make sure everything meets local codes and works as it should.

Take a look at our Showroom page or call 262-542-7908 to make an appointment to see it for yourself. Schoenwalder Plumbing features a broad selection of the latest vanity sizes, shapes and styles. And we’re ready to provide everything you need for the bathroom of your dreams. Our certified plumbers make installing cabinets and fixtures look easy. They’re doing it every day. We have the bathroom vanity that’s perfect for your Waukesha WI or Lake Country home.

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