Shower Fixtures For Performance, Looks and ‘Experience’ in 2018

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Multiple levels of water delivery, stand-alone shower areas and unique finishes on fixtures are all among the top bathroom trends for 2018.

The most popular shower heads and associated shower fixtures for a custom shower design in 2018 range from gentle rain drops to throbbing massage. Hand-held extensions join forces with large, high-volume shower heads to deliver a spa-like experience in the bathroom of your Waukesha WI home.

Whether for a morning “wakeup call,” or to relax after a busy day or a tough workout the shower is an integral part of a daily routine. Customized fixtures for the foreseeable future are offering “bells and whistles” to accommodate your needs. Even with oversized rain-like shower heads plus secondary hand-held extensions and multiple heads in each shower, contemporary shower design includes emphasis on both water conservation and style. Trendy features include:

  • Personalized temperature controls for each shower head
  • Personalized water pressure controls to sooth individual requirements
  • Massage elements
  • Digital controls – regulating heat and water usage
  • Lighting
  • Control of the shower function via an app

Shower Fixtures Are Part of a System

Individual shower heads and fixtures are just an element of an overall shower design system. The most sought-after features for 2018 include:

  • Luxurious, expansive walk-in showers creating a spa-like atmosphere
  • Considerations for health and wellness trends that include building such things as steam, aromatherapy, soothing lights and music into the shower
  • Showers are becoming the focal point of the master bathroom that offer more than a place to get clean – they represent style
  • Technology is a part of the system – controls for everything from water pattern, flow rate and temperature that can be customized for each user and controlled remotely (so you can start your shower before getting out of bed in the morning!)
  • Low- and no-threshold access as part of the overall shower design takes into account multi-generational households and more and more people looking to remain in their homes as they age
  • Water conservation is not a fad – nor is saving money on energy costs – so water management through well-designed shower fixtures is a factor in performance and selection.

Designers Realize the Popularity of a ‘Great Shower’

Shower Design | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Imagination is the most limiting factor in shower design and shower fixtures for the 21st century. Let your personality shine.

Bathroom remodels in recent years have placed great emphasis on developing the shower and emphasizing its role in improving a lifestyle. Modern bathroom designs includes considerations of the overall environment that may include such things as:

  • A steam generating system
  • Two or more showerheads
  • Multiple body spray heads in the shower
  • Hand-held shower heads
  • Massaging shower heads
  • A seating area

Once almost an afterthought – part of the overall tub installation – showers are now an essential part of a bathroom. In many cases, tubs are sacrificed to provide space for a larger, more accommodating walk-in shower design. A recent industry survey conducted by Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine uncovered the following thoughts from major designers and the makers of the latest in shower fixtures:

  • Water conservation, the development of app-controlled technology and the use of materials that convey texture and warmth top the list of essentials in the eyes of would-be bathroom remodelers. Even in areas where water conservation isn’t mandated the use of water-conserving fixtures makes sense – saving money. Today’s fixtures are created to perform without wasting resources. Considerations for using less water are driving the move to fewer, smaller soaking tubs in favor of steam generating showers and relaxing spa-like installations.
  • Digital control is everywhere in the modern home and there’s more demand in the bathroom as well. Fully customizable shower performance is a hot trend – from water flow to temperature, lighting and music. Simplified controls operated with wet hands are essential. Wireless, touch screen, intelligent controls and precision temperature control are becoming necessities.
  • There’s a growing focus on health and wellness elements included in bathroom designs. The bathroom is being called the “refuge for rejuvenation.” High-tech applications addressing wellness include digital thermostats for showers, soothing lighting and multiple water delivery fixtures – overhead, body spray and hand-held extensions are popular.
  • Steam is a unique application that promotes wellness. Steam-generating shower fixtures can be installed during a renovation or remodeling project. Steam showers are an excellent fit for a technology-driven, “Smart” home.

Creating the Right Shower is Personal

Customizing your new shower is the goal of most shower makeovers and bathroom remodel projects in 2018. The dozens of sizes, shapes, textures and materials for shower hardware available in colors, materials and operating styles to fit your personality make customization a reality. The new shower portion of a bathroom remodel should encompass three things, according to design professionals:

  1. Individual preferences
  2. Attention-getting features
  3. Warmth, elegance

During the selection process, choosing shower fixtures is a personal style decision. You need to be aware of function, but overall “feel” and experience play important roles. The shower head has to do the job, but it has to look good and feel right doing it.

Custom showers are taking up more and more of the overall bathroom floorplan, claiming a special place all their own. Showers save water, save money and are more efficient than using a tub. Showers lend themselves to an overall design and style within the room. Floor-to-ceiling tile designs, glass  walls and doors make a statement, and seating areas provide the spa experience.

Clean (and easy to clean) lines are favored in bathroom renovations, especially when it comes to showers. While opening up the space for more natural light and easier movements, custom showers are featuring more soft lighting and warm colors. The study showed that clean, simple designs with warm colors convey a feeling of elegance even in a relatively small space. Shower heads and controls ranging from polished chrome to exotic metals and rich finishes provide the crowning touches. Boring is out. Letting your personality come through is definitely in. Consider choices like:

  • Gold, brass or even bronze finishes for your shower hardware
  • Introducing black fixtures to your design
  • Bringing nature into the bathroom using natural stone, wood (or wood-look tiles) to increase texture
  • Juxtaposing nature wall and floor treatments with designer shower fixtures and lighting

The watchword for bathrooms, especially showers, is fresh – fresh overall design, fresh colors and fresh ideas.

Tap Into The latest Trends

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