Avoid Well Pump Failure

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A failed water pump reduces available water at the worst possible time.

If you depend upon a well pump for fresh water, a regular maintenance program is a must. A checkup for your Waukesha WI area pump twice each year heads off potential problems. Schedule pump maintenance now to keep clean water flowing.

Threats To Well Pump Performance

Your well water system has to perform on demand, you will need an All Service Plumbing management. There are a variety of significant outside influences that cause the system to fail, including:

  • Power outages – Even a short, partial power loss can trip a circuit breaker that cuts out your pump. Sudden power spikes from lightning strikes can damage a system.
  • The wrong pump for the job – if the pump is too small for the household demand it can’t perform well. When you add or upgrade faucets or appliances that use water the demand for performance changes. Is it time to upgrade the water pump?
  • Dirty water – chemicals in your water creates residue and sediment that wears on moving parts in the pump. The particles in dirty ground water wear on pump bearings and impellers. Hard water is a major concern in this area.
  • Low water table – during a drought there’s less water available to the well. Extended dry periods result in poor water pressure and poor water quality. Sputtering taps or murky water are other signs that pressure is weak. The whole well water system should be checked by a professional as soon as possible.

Schedule Pump Maintenance Before A Failure

Additional warning signs that your water system isn’t performing as it should include:

  • Reduced water pressure – when your refreshing shower is more trickle than stream something is amiss. Losing water pressure is a sign your pump us faltering and the threat of failure is real.
  • Short runtime – your pump should run for at least a minute when the system is in balance. When there’s too little air in the system the pressure tank gets water-logged. The pump running for less than a minute is a short cycle and causes pressure fluctuations. This situation is often accompanied by noise in the pipes.
  • Too much air – this is the other extreme. Water from your tap is foamy and bubbles. Too much air in the system is a sure sign your well pump is failing.
  • Overworked pump – if your pump is running too long to maintain pressure there could be a leak in the water line.
  • Noises – strange noises from the pump or within the system are tell-tale warnings. Bearings and moving parts wear out, get damaged or break. A part of routine pump maintenance is listening. A part of routine system maintenance is listening.

Another tell-tale sign that might not be immediately associated with your water system is a higher electric bill. The electric pump in your well running almost constantly just to keep pressure up is a bad sign. The overworked pump is not only a potential repair issues, it’s a drag on your electric bill.

Choose The Right Well Pump

There are two common pumps in use most often: a jet pump and a submersible pump. A jet pump works in both shallow and deep installations. They are capable of pulling water from as deep as 100 feet below the surface. Jet pumps installed above ground are the easiest to maintain and service. In a shallow well most have a viable life of about 10 years.

Submersible pumps are always in deep wells to push water out from hundreds of feet down. A well-maintained submersible will last 15 years or longer. They are the most difficult to repair. Therefore knowing the age of your pump is a good first step in planning a regular pump maintenance schedule.

Rely Upon Skilled Professionals

A regular professional inspection is a worthwhile investment. Scheduling time and money now to avoid a major expense and disruption in your life later makes sense. During an annual inspection you’ll get answers to your questions, insights into what your system can provide and the benefit of years of experience.

Rely upon the trained, licensed professionals at Schoenwalder Plumbing for the latest products, repairs and skilled installation. Call or email Schoenwalder Plumbing – we know how to control your plumbing costs, create a pump maintenance plan and service all your well pump needs in Waukesha or Lake Country.

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