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If YOU cannot chew it, DO NOT send it down your drain – it’s just common sense for Plumbing

Your plumbing works hard for you every day. And, if you are like most people, you probably take it for granted. And, that means you have reliable plumbing. Think about it, every time you use a sink or a shower or dishwasher, your plumbing performs in Waukesha WI. There is almost never a malfunction that will ruin your day. And that is a good thing!

However, plumbing and all of its connections are no different than other mechanical things. Over time, with use, there will be wear. Usually it shows itself in the form of a slower draining drain. Our plumber Waukesha understands the frustration of slow drains and other breakdowns – they can ruin your day. So to help avoid a bad day, below are some ideas to help your Waukesha WI plumbing work well.

Use A Professional Plumber in Waukesha WI For Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best and most reliable way to keep everything working right. The good news is our Waukesha WI plumbers are experienced and work on pipes and drains daily. Our professional plumbers have the skill, knowledge and experience to assist with any problems you might have including helping with drain cleaning.

Periodic Drain Cleaning For Plumbing

Periodic drain cleaning is an important part of maintenance. Keeping your pipes clean greatly improves the likelihood of NOT having clogged drains. Regular drain cleaning using a professional plumber will keep your system working at top efficiency. Along the way professional plumbers will inspect, clean and attend to any issues or drain cleaning problems.

At Schoenwalder Plumbing our experienced plumbers know what services to use with your system, whether using a simple snake or pressurized stream of water for clog removal. Our Plumbers will protect your pipes.

Protecting Your Plumbing in Waukesha WI

Treating your plumbing well through proper maintenance with the right plumbing contractor is a huge step toward not having a bad day. The other is not doing certain things to compromise your drain. Think about the following –

  • Garbage disposals often have homeowners putting almost anything down their kitchen sink. A rule of thumb for garbage disposals is if you can’t chew it, then do not put it down your drain. Bigger, harder, longer or whatever extreme is bad for your drain and pipes.
  • DO NOT send large fruit pits or animal bones that cannot be ground up down your drain.
  • Melted fats down your drain is a definite NO-NO.
  • Fibrous vegetables like celery and corn husks should not go down your kitchen sink drain.


For quality drain cleaning and maintenance, call or email Schoenwalder Plumbing in Waukesha WI.

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