Glass Block Shower Provides Unique, Elegant Feel

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Not your parents’ idea of using glass blocks, today’s design trends for a contemporary bathroom remodel include using creative glass to make the most of available light.

A glass block shower advances one of the most popular trends in bathroom design, the walk-in shower, to a distinctive level. These classic shower walls take advantage of natural light, provide unique design elements and introduce a classic, elegant feel to a bathroom remodel. Simple glass blocks add color or frameless shower doors and a new dimension to any bathroom in Waukesha WI and Lake Country. Depending upon the dimensions, glass block walls for a walk-in shower can be a dynamic feature.

Glass Block Shower Benefits from New Technology

The days of boring clear glass blocks are gone. Today there are variations in texture and color to go along with size and shape options. Lack of imagination is the most limiting factor in today’s bathroom remodel. What makes a glass block shower wall trendy? Consider:

  • Eclectic Design Opportunities – tapping into the latest in colors, textures and sizes allows for curved, sculpted and patterned walls.
  • Natural Light is ‘In’ – A glass wall allows light to “move” from one space to another. It provides privacy while making the most of available light.
  • Robust Construction – a glass block walled shower is far more substantial than traditional walls even when the drywall construction has tile added.
  • Low Maintenance – Glass is easy to clean, even when textured, with no crevices to snag and hold dirt and debris.
  • Wide Palette – glass block suppliers list more than 104 different colors available for glass blocks.

The use of glass blocks was once limited by the availability of different sized pieces and their respective glass shower door. A glass block cannot be cut. Traditional 8-by-8-inch blocks have been supplemented by modern 3-inch versions for sleeker, lighter designs. There are also shaped pieces – curves and even a 90-degree angle. Modern designs have incorporated these unique walls into spaces as small and confined as the size of a standard, 60-inch, bathtub.

Pros and Cons of Glass Block Designs

Bathroom Remodel | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Imagination dictates whether a bathroom remodel plan’s use of glass block is simple or extraordinary.

Making a glass block wall fit into an existing design may or may not work. Developing a bathroom remodel plan around the idea of installing a glass block feature allows for the best outcome. Since the hot design concept made its way here from Europe, designers, architects and builders have realized glass block walled shower installations have their pros and cons. Consider these benefits:

  • Glass blocks provide creative ways to develop a contemporary design
  • A shower with glass block walls fits with any surrounding décor
  • Glass blocks come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate work in rooms with unusual dimensions
  • Blocks are installed individually so walls can vary in height
  • Glass block shower walls are easier to clean than most tile
  • Glass blocks are hard to break – some are designed to withstand earthquakes
  • Glass blocks transmit light
  • A glass block wall reduces sound transmission
  • Bathroom and shower warmth is contained within a glass block wall

Disadvantages of a glass block shower include:

  • Using glass provides limited privacy for those seeking an enclosed structure
  • Depending upon the size, a block wall can cost more than tradition construction methods
  • Glass blocks cannot be cut so developing the design first is critical rather than trying to adapt a block wall to an existing plan
  • A significant consideration is the weight of a block wall compared to drywall or tile – individual blocks are heavy; a well-supported floor is required
  • All glass block walls are non-load bearing – the won’t support the weight of any structure
  • Not a design feature created for DIY installation – a skilled professional makes the job go smoothly, quickly and efficiently

Glass Block Shower – Innovation Plus Imagination

The days of the straight, flat wall are in the past. Innovations in bathroom design and available materials make your imagination the most limiting factor. Consider these design accent ideas:

  • Ceramic Tile Accents – If you’re using ceramic tile in the bathroom, a tile border around the glass wall adds a distinctive, unifying touch
  • Tease the Senses – With more than 104 colors available plus textures, a variety of combinations are available to enhance the overall décor
  • Create Art – Mix and match colored and textured blocks to create a mosaic
  • Don’t Be Boring – combine patterns and block shapes for a contemporary design or a “retro” look

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