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Maintaining your garbage disposal can extend its operating life greatly

A garbage disposal is one of the most under-appreciated appliances in most homes. Most people use their disposal daily. Some people throw almost anything into their disposal.

The reality is, your disposal usually gets very little tender loving care.

However, disposals can develop problems. Some of those problems will diminish their life span. To ensure your disposal continues operating as long as possible, follow the three guidelines below –

Item 1 – Know What Not To Put Into Your Garbage Disposal

There are things a disposal is not designed to handle. Obvious materials that should not be put into a disposal are metal and plastic. Other not-so-obvious items harmful to a disposal are –

  • Fibrous Vegetables – Celery and onion skins can cause a disposal to jam up. They can get tangled in the disposal impeller and should be thrown in the trash.
  • Fats, Oils, and Grease – Often poured down a disposal in a liquid states, these substances solidify when they cool. The cooling can gum up the impeller and clog the drain. Never pour fats, oils or grease down a drain.
  • Bones or Pits – These items are hard and can break your disposal. Some suggest small bones or fruit pits can be ground up. Bottom line – don’t take the risk.

Item 2 – Maintain Your Garbage Disposal With Boiling Water

Pouring boiling water down your garbage disposal will loosen waste collecting in the drain pipe and disposal chamber. Doing this once a month or more prevents waste buildup and keeps your disposal running smoothly.

Item 3 – Disposal Maintenance

If a disposal is not operating properly, repair it immediately. If you continue using a disposal after it makes a weird sound or is vibrating, the chance of further damage is much greater than if a repair had been done immediately. A major breakdown can lead to big repair bills. A worst case scenario would replacing your disposal.

Call or email the disposal pros at Schoenwalder Plumbing if you have any questions about your Waukesha WI garbage disposal. Our pros are happy to help any time. In addition to serving Waukesha WI, we serve Lake Country including Waukesha, Hartland, Delafield, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Oconomowoc Dousman and New Berlin.

We are ready to help with garbage disposal service and installations in Waukesha WI.

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