Universal Kitchen Design

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Open space under countertop allow space for wheelchairs

Kitchen design affects how kitchens are used. That is significant because kitchens are often the hub of a family’s life. Meals are prepared and eaten there, guests visit and in general, it’s the crossroad of many family activities.

Because of the central role kitchens play in everyone’s life, a kitchen design using universal principles allows grandparents to get more from their visits, and those who are aging in their own homes to be self-sufficient longer. Since the vast majority of people want to stay in their homes, 89% according to recent surveys by AARP, universal design provides the tools they need to maintain their homes. Choosing the Best Licensed Plumber is the first thing you need to do, and Schoenwalder Plumbing’s staff believes people who enjoy their homes don’t have to leave it behind as they age and their physical abilities decline.

Relative to kitchen design, this represents one of the inherent challenges contractors have when remodeling kitchens. We are very aware we are working on homes, not just houses. These kitchens are loaded with personal preferences, memories and future plans. Another reason universal kitchen design is so significant is statistics show over 25% (2010) of all people in the United States have a disability of one type or another. That’s fifty-four million people now and by 2030, the number of adults afflicted with arthritis is expected to double.

Of course, having a functional kitchen design is an important step in attaining that goal. To begin understanding how your kitchen design rates, answer the following questions.

Kitchen Design - Larger cabinet handles - Schoenwalder Plumbing
Larger cabinet handles easier to grip

Questions About Your Kitchen Design

1. Is there good lighting over the sink, stove & countertop work areas?
2. Are cabinets and cupboards easy to open?
3. Do you have roll-out shelving, trays and lazy Susan’s?
4. Install
5. Do you have larger cabinet door handles
6. Is an A-B-C rated fire extinguisher within easy reach?
7. Do you have a sturdy step stool with handles?
8. Are objects on shelves or in drawers easily accessible?
9. Does the sink faucet have lever handle faucets with built-in anti-scald protection?
10. Are countertops easy to use when seated?

Kitchen Design - Multi height counters - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Waukesha WI
A kitchen design with multi-height countertops help with different abilities

The goal with kitchen design is to create an environment that will be safe and accessible to everyone. Easy access to everything is the key. When remodeling, there are physical realities each kitchen design presents which, in part dictates the plans we make and design options we have.

Universal Kitchen Design Defined

A kitchen design utilizing products and techniques allowing a all areas of kitchen to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without adaptation or specialized design. It is to build function and ease of use of each product and the environment. It allows people to live in their homes safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level. (additional definition)

At Schoenwalder Plumbing we are experts at kitchen design and have done hundreds of kitchens in Waukesha WI as well as Pewaukee, Delafield, Hartland Oconomowoc, Brookfield, Menomonee Falls and throughout Lake Country.

For more details on how our team can help you with your kitchen design or to visit our kitchen and bath design studio, call us at 262-542-7908 or send an email and we’ll call you.

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