Smart Storage In Your Kitchen Remodel

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Make smart storage part of your kitchen remodel

A Kitchen remodel often signals a transition. Families grow larger, older and changes in structure as time goes on. The result is needs change along with personal taste and before you know it, a kitchen remodel is a symbol of a new stage in life.

Today, more than ever, a kitchen remodel represents a wide range of options. The options can make everyday life flow easier, whether its modest changes like smart storage ideas or fitting a homeowner’s need for an accessible kitchen.

A kitchen remodel project that can have a huge impact, even if is modest in nature is adding smart storage. Whether you try to work with existing cabinetry or refinish or replace, more efficient storage can change the way you use you kitchen. It can make it feel as if you are in a different house altogether.

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Efficient cabinet layouts can can have a huge impact on your kitchen remodel

With your kitchen remodel project, consider how you can make your cabinetry work harder for you. Specifically, your kitchen remodel should include specific plans for increased storage in your drawers, cupboards and shelves. When considering any kitchen remodel, these are some of the most practical changes you can make. They are great changes in that they are affordable and can have a huge positive impact in how you use your kitchen.

When thinking of cabinetry, re-facing or refinishing come to mind. Either optopn can have a great visual impact in your kitchen. However, creating a smart storage plan can make your kitchen remodel project fun and the use of the kitchen more enjoyable than ever.

The bottom line is a few strategic additions in cupboards and drawers will create a completely new feel to the kitchen. Most kitchens can remain fully functional throughout the kitchen remodel process.

Storage Ideas For A Smart Kitchen Remodel

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Using every inch for added storage will make your kitchen remodel special

A number of small changes can be included in your kitchen remodel process without changing the footprint of a kitchen. Consider the following –

Add a Lazy Susan or Blind Corner pull out in corner cupboards

Install roll-out shelves for ease of access

Insert racks in cabinets or on the inside of cabinet doors

Move upper cabinets over a peninsula to a nearby wall to open up a room

Convert a small, nearby closet into a pantry matching kitchen cabinetry

Replace old trash compactors with new cupboard or a pull out door with trash and recycling receptacles

Update old, worn drawers with new boxes and smooth drawer slides

Increase the height of a counter top area to create a bar level serving area on a peninsula counter

Add a rounded area for serving or an expanded work area at the end of a protruding counter area

Add a rounded (crescent shaped) countertop to add more surface area on an island or stand-alone cooktop

Kitchen Remodel Steps

The first step in improving the utility with your cabinets or drawers is visiting a complete kitchen remodel showroom and design studio. You’ll see new ideas and can physically see and touch the accessories that can make a huge difference in kitchen remodel.

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