Replacement Options For Water Well Pumps in Waukesha

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Constant pressure water well pump systems rely on controller units to manage the water pressure effectively and efficiently

For homeowners and businesses using water well pumps in Waukesha WI, there are two primary options to consider when it comes time to replace worn well pumps.

The choices are pretty straight forward. Standard water well pumps are a choice most people are familiar with. Another water well pump choice gaining popularity is a  newer style known as the Constant Pressure well pump. Both pumps work well; however, a Constant Pressure design offers some advantages. Below are some details –

Traditional Water Well Pumps

In the fullness of time, standard water well pumps have shown to be very reliable. It’s designed with a pressure switch that senses a loss of water pressure in the holding tank. When the pressure lowers to a certain level, the well pump turns on at full speed and refills the pressure tank.

The key in this water well pump system is the pump itself sits idle until it is turned on. When it does turn on, it runs at top speed until the pressure switch senses the tank is full. Components can wear out more quickly with an “all or nothing” run cycle such as this. The vast majority of water well pumps around Waukesha WI, as well as Lake Country including Hartland, Delafield, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Elm Grove and Dousman are the traditional pump type.

Water Well Pump - Waukesha WI - Schoenwalder Plumbing
Traditional and constant pressure pumps are the two primary water well pump choices

Constant Pressure Water Well Pumps

With this well pump system, the pump spins constantly. The well pump spins faster or slower depending on need. When water is required, the well pump spins faster and it will slow down when the demand slows or stops.

The Constant Pressure Water Well Pump is designed for long life. Because it does not have the full speed starts and stops as with Traditional water well pumps, there is less strain on the components. By running continually, it keeps a constant pressure in the tank with smooth up and down cycles when water is needed. This water well pump design lasts longer and will also save energy because it uses less over time.

The Controller is the component driving the Constant Pressure pump speed. It is responsible for maintaining the pressure needed in constant pressure water well pumps. The Controller is also the most expensive component in the system. As a result of its expense, water well pump systems with smaller tanks are a more expensive system as compared to a similarly sized Traditional well pump system. However, as the size of the pressure tank increases, the more comparable the cost of a Constant Pressure system is with a Traditional system.

Water Well Pump
Water well pump systems using constant pressure save energy and have a longer service life

The Constant Pressure water well pumps can also self-diagnose any running problems they have. The result is when you call in for service, you can tell your plumber the exact problem. Appropriate parts can be packed and ready for your water well pump service call.

When your well pump starts showing signs of age, below are a few features of a Constant Pressure water well pump system to remember, They are –

  • Space saving
  • Quieter
  • Increased water pressure
  • Energy efficient
  • Expected longevity because of less wear and tear
  • Self diagnosis
    • Saves time – Correct parts packed for repair  (only 1 visit)

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