Plumbing Protection From Water Softeners In Waukesha WI

Hard water is a very damaging substance if not controlled and treated properly with a water softener in your home.

Water Softeners can protect your home and property, even though it is very unglamorous work horse.

Water Softeners Are Your Homes First Line Of Protection

In Waukesha County water can be very hard water. If left untreated by water softeners, homeowners can experience multiple problems. For example –

• Water Heaters – water softeners are extremely important for the longevity of plumbing equipment. A water softener will protect against what hard water can do to fixtures and equipment like water heaters. A water heater lifespan can be reduced 50% by hard water if not treated with a water softener.

• Fixtures – hard water causes scale to form and will diminish the function and look of your fixtures.

• Energy Bills – hard water causes mineral build-up. The build-up makes you water heater less efficient. Because water heaters are heavy energy users as a result of their function, they can cause spikes in energy usage when not operating at peak efficiency. A water softener will pay for itself in reduced energy expense.

Hi-Tech Water Softeners Are Even More Efficient

Water Softeners use very similar technology to past years with one major exception. In recent years cycle management systems have benefitted homeowner greatly.

Originally, water softeners depended on time clock actuated systems which arbitrarily cycled on a pre-set schedule. The result was regeneration rarely coincided with actual water usage. This problem was particularly acute when homeowners travelled. The time clocks were better than nothing, but they were far from perfect.

More recently, water softeners have used metered systems. Metered systems calculate regeneration needs based on water volume used. They track the actual gallons used rather than an arbitrary schedule. If you have periods of little or heavy water usage, metered water softener systems deliver the proper regeneration.

Metered water softener units also save water and salt, giving you the most efficient softener performance.

Water softeners ussually will add life to fixtures and other parts of your plumbing system. Schoenwalder Plumbing, serving Waukesha County and Lake Country including Waukesha, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Pewaukee, Delafield, Hartland, Oconomowoc WI, can help you gain peace of mind by installing the water softener for your needs.

Give our expert plumbers a call at 262-542-7908 or email to get the best insights into the latest generation of water softeners available to homeowners win Waukesha WI.

How Water Softeners Work

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