Kitchen Remodeling – Ideas Using Distinctive Islands

Kitchen Islands - Kitchen Remodeling - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Waukesha WI
Islands can be used to set your kitchen remodeling project apart from the norm

Kitchen remodeling offers a myriad of options to consider from floor to ceiling. Whether changing a kitchen’s footprint to updating your present layout, kitchen remodeling impacts how you live in your home.

The kitchen is ground zero for most family activities and often is the center of attention when entertaining (whether you like it or not). The result of this is an island often is an excellent starting point for many kitchen remodeling projects in Waukesha Wisconsin.

Islands Are A Center of Attention in Kitchen Remodeling

The styles and functional features a kitchen island can have are practically endless. So, no matter what direction your kitchen remodeling project takes, large or small, the island in your kitchen can have a very positive impact. Your kitchen island can include any number of design ideas. It can be utilized cosmetically to enhance the look and feel of the entire kitchen. An island can also serve multiple purposes within your kitchen remodeling plan as an additional work, serving or storage area.

Kitchen Remodeling Plans Are Impacted By Island Designs 

Consider the following qualities when considering how an island fits into your kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Islands - Kitchen Remodeling - Waukesha WI - Schoenwalder Plumbing
Islands can add preparation and serving areas in any kitchen

Size – sometimes the layout of your home influences the size of an island. If expanding your foot print is an option, you can add seating or preparation areas, sinks, or unique options with selves or a even geometric base. Using your island as an extra counter top limits your kitchen remodeling options.

Drawers – Kitchen Islands are usually a standard work height. As a result, something should fill the base to make your life a little easier. Drawers for utensils, knives, special storage for serving plates, bowls or cookware are all possibilities. Being used as a pantry overflow is a great option. Homeowners say they enjoy the kitchen more when it’s orderly. A well planned island can contribute to a kitchen’s organization.

Cupboards – telescoping shelves, racks, a wine rack and a variety of other utility minded features can be used to make your island more functional. If your kids are entertaining, be sure all of the things they use for snacking and ‘hanging out’ are easily available. (There is no reason for someone outside your family to be digging through your other cupboards)

Meal Service – often families build in a serving area or have added an additional curve to a countertop. This makes existing counter space available for a quick snack or a meal. Your island can contribute to a quick and casual meal allowing you to get on with the day’s activities.

Food Prep Area – if you love to cook, it’s nice to have food preparation space added. Islands can include prep sinks to make things more accessible, moving preparation activities out from under cabinets.

Kitchen Remodeling - Island - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Waukesha WI =
Creative use of space and storage can make your island more functional and accessible

Buffet Service – Is there any kitchen that hasn’t hosted a party (by design or otherwise). A kitchen’s island will help you serve guests. Be sure to consider this when adding or altering your island. Countertop size and shape can dramatically impact how you can use your kitchen. This is a topic where size does matter!


Kitchen Remodeling is a specialty of Schoenwalder plumbing. Our complete showroom and expert design staff can help you manage your kitchen remodeling project from beginning to end. And, for our experience, we know your island is often a great place to start.

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