Correcting Hard Water Damage To Bathroom Fixtures In WaukeshaWI

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Hard water can destroy the aesthetics of your bathroom fixtures and their function

Hard water deposits on bathroom fixtures such as showers, faucet heads and bathtubs are ugly to look at and can cause problems in plumbing. No one likes hard crusty formations from hard water.

Soluble minerals in water are responsible for the crusty formations. Most water damage restoration plants run by cities remove the majority of minerals from water. Unfortunately, they do not remove all of the minerals from water. Because of that, all of the water fixtures in your home will likely get deposits over time. And, fixtures exposed to the highest amount of use, such as bathroom fixtures, can be ruined. Additionally, over time, even the rest of your plumbing is at risk and can eventually grow into a general plumbing problem.


Hard Water Can Clog Plumbing – Lead To Damaging Leaks

According to the professionals, a quiet problem building over time is the clogging of pipes in your plumbing system. Bathroom fixture clogging is a bigger problem if hard water is left untreated. Even if you are able to remove crusty deposits on your bathroom fixtures, hard water deposits develop in your home’s plumbing. These deposits cannot be treated with a store-bought cleanser. The reality is, clogs in your plumbing are a big problem because they not only stop water from flowing freely, they also place added pressure on seals and fittings that can cause leaks.

Scaling from hard water can also cause your pipes to corrode and increase the possibility of leaks or ruptures. This process can take years, but when a leak does occur, there can be damage to surrounding wood, fixtures, and walls, in most of the cases water damage restoration may be needed. If the leak occurs behind a wall, major repairs may be needed to correct what a small leak can cause.

Removing the water deposits from your plumbing is a short-term solution. If you have reached the point where there are significant deposits or leaks have started, complete replacement of your plumbing may be your best option.

Hard Water Treatment Can Save Bathroom Fixtures & Plumbing

Keep in mind, even after you have repaired your plumbing, the content of the water remains the same. To eliminate the minerals creating hard water, a whole house filtration system may be a good option. Water treatment systems eliminate hard water minerals and deposits they leave. Effective hard water treatment also makes laundered clothes softer, skin smoother and when used in cooking, make the food taste better.

If your bathroom fixtures are being harmed in Waukesha WI, contact the experts at Schoenwalder Plumbing. Our staff is knowledgeable about dealing with all types of plumbing challenges in Waukesha WI. Our experience can help you locate and fix plumbing problems quickly and effectively.

Call or email the water experts at Schoenwalder Plumbing if you have any questions about Waukesha WI water harming your bathroom fixtures or plumbing. Our pros are committed to help any time. In addition to serving Waukesha WI, we serve Lake Country including Waukesha, Hartland, Delafield, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Oconomowoc Dousman and New Berlin.

We are ready to help save you bathroom fixtures by correcting your hard water problems in Waukesha WI.

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