Bathroom Renovation – When Are They Too Expensive?

Bathroom Renovation | Bathroom Renovations | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
A remodeling project like a bathroom renovation requires a building permit. Whoever pulls a permit is liable for the welfare of the workers and any injuries in Waukesha WI

A bathroom renovation requires a sizable investment. We sometimes hear a project will ‘cost too much’ and the plans of a homeowner are reconsidered. We understand the process.

The question a homeowner should ask at this point is to what am I comparing the cost of a bathroom renovation project?

Bathroom Renovation Quote Insights

In reviewing a bathroom renovation quote, there are many things to consider. The first is your frame of reference. Do not limit your bathroom renovation options. Ask yourself the following questions –

  • Is the quote unreasonably high? (the value is not equal to the price)
  • Is the price more than my budget?
  • Is the price more than I can even afford?
  • Even if the quote is fair, I think I can do better – I can get the same work done for less.

With a bathroom renovation, we find we can often times define your situation more clearly. By providing more information can help a bathroom renovation in Waukesha WI move forward.

A Budget Breaking Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation | Bathroom Renovations | Waukesha WI | Schoenwalder Plumbing
Using a budgeting worksheet when interviewing contractors will help you get comparable information when selecting a contractor for your bathroom renovation

Every home improvement reaches a point where the investment needed is too much for the return in value. Some bathroom renovations are needed. Other bathroom renovations are more discretionary. There are, however, strategies to make your budget work a little harder. Consider the following –

  • Selective cost management strategies – an example is some fixtures may have fashionable and durable lower cost alternatives
  • Professional and proven crew –some expenses are worth the investment and can save planning headaches and expensive corrections later.
  • Licensed & insured pros – avoid being penny wise and pound foolish. Credible contractors are not only licensed, but they are insured. Onsite accidents will not be your responsibility if your contractor is properly licensed and insured.
  • Proven process – reliable systems are the trademark of successful companies. These systems deliver superior work. Before deciding a quote is too high, be sure you understand exactly what your dollars invested are buying. Depending on the project, you realize you can’t afford to spend less!

My – Fill In The Blank – Can Do This Bathroom Renovation For Less

Getting help from a friend is great. Especially when bathroom renovation will give you a more useful and stylish room, clear shower doors are a must. Saving money doing that is even better. However, bathroom renovations and kitchens both have significant factors to consider when accepting an offer of assistance. Will your helper – local electrician

  • Fully understand the scope of your bathroom renovation project – including an understanding of activities needed, mechanical systems and the proper sequence of events?
  • Have the knowledge to manage a bathroom renovation project and ensure no costly mistakes and quality workmanship you expect with a major investment?
  • Have the skill to do some of the job if needed?
  • Have Insurance so you liable for accidents and injuries?
  • Be responsible for building inspections and able?

Getting The Same For Less – Your Bathroom Renovation

Suppliers in every industry range from the highest quality to poor. It’s important for you to have a process to select the right contractor. Schoenwalder Plumbing has developed a series of remodeling worksheets to help organize and gather information. We suggest you use these to help interview possible contractors and more importantly get their answers. This will help you standardize information and give you objective information for comparing your contractor options. Be sure to make notes for the following areas items in the process –

  • Type of fixtures
  • Quality of fixtures
  • Materials used
  • Building practices
  • Staff experience
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Project management
  • Permit responsibility

A bathroom renovation is a major investment. Getting the most value is always at a premium. Hopefully, this article has provided perspective in selecting the best option for your bathroom renovation. Be sure to ask your Schoenwalder Plumbing representative about our bathroom renovation and kitchen remodeling worksheets.

For bathroom renovations or kitchen remodeling needs, the experts at Schoenwalder Plumbing are ready to help. We design and build bathroom renovations as well as kitchens. Our pros are happy to help any time. In addition to serving Waukesha WI, we serve Lake Country including Waukesha, Hartland, Delafield, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Oconomowoc Dousman and New Berlin.

Call or email a Schoenwalder Plumbing pro for assistance with your bathroom renovation in Waukesha WI.

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