A Bathroom Remodel With Radiant Floor Heating

Bathroom Remodel - Waukesha WI - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Radiant Floor Heating
A bathroom remodel with a radiant floor heating system is tailor made for Waukesha WI winters

When you consider your bathroom remodel project, considering a radiant floor heating system might be a good option for you. If you get affected by cold north winds, and not in a positive way, adding a radiant floor heating to your bathroom remodel could be a luxuriously logical addition, the best part of this is that you will always have the option of getting a heating repair near shrewsbury ma if necessary

Luxurious comfort is often the way a radiant floor heating system is referred to relative to bathroom renovations. And it is a growing trend. Bare feet In northern climates as in Waukesha WI, are caressed by radiant floor heating in a way not duplicated by forced air heat. Because bathroom floors often are hard-surface finishes, they are cool to the touch, especially in winter. Radiant floor heating provides welcoming warmth, helping homeowners endure months of cold floors and cold feet. An added bonus your bathroom remodel delivers when radiant floor heating is used is more efficient heating other more traditional heating systems. You avoid the layer of cold air near the floor when the entire floor is heated by warm air rising from floor to ceiling, we also suggest to learn more about Commercial Air Duct Scent, you can use this and incorporate them into your AC system for a continuous scent.

Current bathroom remodel trends highlight recreating onetime nondescript bathrooms into relaxing getaways, giving homeowners an escape from all of the distractions making up their days. Bathroom renovations are now including elements increasing comfort, style and function. A favorite addition of a bathroom remodel is becoming radiant floor heating.

Your Bathroom Remodel Integrating Radiant Floor Heating

Bathroom Remodel - Waukesha WI - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Radiant Floor Heating
Radiant floor heating is a great part of any bathroom remodel in cold weather areas like Waukesha WI

Radiant floor heating systems work by embedding a layer of wires or hot water tubes under your floor covering. Linoleum, laminates and tile flooring are surfaces where the entire floor can become a large heater. heat radiates gently to warm an entire room from bottom to top.

Imagine, on a freezing January morning, climbing from a warm, cozy bed and stepping onto a toasty floor. Because radiant floors heating systems require a warm up time, a timing system can be added to ensure your radiant floor heating is working and ready for your when you wake up and are ready to go.

The Pros Radiant Floor Heating

  •  Delivers an even floor to ceiling heat
  • Eliminates drafts caused by forced air heat
  • Even warms objects in the room contributing to the warmth of the room
  • Radiant floor heating great in bathrooms
  • Cuts down on furnace noise
  • Radiant floor heating systems have up to 40 years of life (conventional furnaces are 10-15 years)
  • Radiant floor heating systems have a choice of Hydronic (fluid) and electric heating elements with plate heat exchangers

 The Cons of Radiant Floor Heating

  • Once a floor is in place, a radiant heat flooring system is hard to install
  • Installing a system is best with new construction situation
  • As a retrofit, you must be willing to remove your floors and rebuild them
  • Also, as a retrofit option, electric heating pads designed for installation between the floor joists underneath the floor. Access from below using a crawlspace or a basement is required. No access, no radiant floor heating.
  • If there are malfunctions or system failures, floor damage is possible.
  • Radiant floor heating systems are more expensive to install – however, over time costs can be recovered

Flooring Options For Bathroom Remodels With Radiant Floor Heating

Most traditional flooring materials used in your bathroom remodel can work with radiant floor heating systems. The best thermal conducting materials like stone, concrete, and ceramic tile will conduct, transfer and hold heat well and can withstand high temperatures.

Shrinking and expanding can be problematic with wood flooring as a result of the changing temperatures. Fluctuations can lead to easily obvious gaps. Since wood is a favorite bathroom remodel flooring selection, experienced installers usually can manage the shrinkage and expansion wood floors experience.

Vinyl and plastic laminate floors also have temperature limitations. And, carpets will reduce heat flows because of their insulating properties. This is one reason carpets are not as popular a choice for a bathroom remodel.

Waukesha Bathroom Remodel Pros

Schoenwalder Plumbing in Waukesha WI specializes in bathroom remodel projects. We serve Waukesha County and Lake Country including Waukesha, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Pewaukee, Delafield, Hartland, and Oconomowoc WI

Give our expert bathroom remodel designers a call at 262-542-7908 or email to get the newest insights into bathroom remodel trends. We love to help Waukesha WI homeowners with their bathroom remodel projects.

Radiant Floor Heating Defined 

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