Bathroom Design Ideas – A Bathroom Remodel Plan From The Bottom Up

Bathroom Design Ideas - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Waukesha WI - Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom design ideas starting with tile floors add distinction and style to your bathroom

Bathroom design ideas can include many, many different elements. One concept to consider when planning a bathroom remodel is developing your idea from the bottom up. Tile, wood or carpeted floors help create a signature bathroom a homeowner can enjoy in the present and benefit from when selling their home.

Flooring choices are a cornucopia of options to enhance bathroom design ideas. Tile floor, for example, can be a tone-setter for any bathroom remodel. Colors, textures sizes of titles are just a few ways to make bathroom renovations distinctive and fresh. Even more, tile designs can take the look and feel of any bathroom remodel to the next level, making that room special.

The visual impact a floor can make is huge and can be one of the most significant bathroom design ideas to be considered during bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Design Ideas – More Than Flooring

It’s pretty safe to say the wrong flooring choice can diminish the look of many other visual elements in a room. This includes cabinetry, furniture or window treatments. The wrong choice of flooring can be distracting.

On the other hand when it comes to bathroom design ideas, the correct flooring choice can be the foundation with which the rest of the project can be defined. Further, flooring materials and their impact do not stop at floor level. Tile or stone counter tops, unique, one of kind back splashes and wall treatments can create a unique living space, adding a new dimension to the bathroom in which they are installed.

Bathroom Design Ideas That Can Set The Tone

Bathroom Design Ideas - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Waukesha WI - Bathroom Remodel
Wood floors in a bathroom remodel are gaining popularity among bathroom design ideas

Rather than treating the flooring selection as an afterthought, it should really be the first thing considered because it can not only set the tone for a room, but if choreographed correctly, it will enhance the impact of every other element of the room or area, including trim, furniture, decorations or art and other fixtures.

The biggest problem homeowners have is they don’t know all of the options available to them. Tile, stone, wood and carpeting are constantly getting upgrades and new product choices. The type of use a room receives along with the traffic are considerations to be made when selecting a flooring to use in bathroom renovations. The professional staff designers at Schoenwalder Plumbing’s Bath & Kitchen Studio can help coordinate all of your bathroom design ideas to create the look and the function best for you.

Planning Bathroom Renovations Completely Can Save Money

A couple of other thoughts to consider are how you can get more value from various bathroom design ideas. The issues to consider are:

  • If you select a particular floor choice early on the process, most likely you will find a moderately priced option rather than waiting until the end of the process and limiting your choices based on previous fixture or cabinetry selections.
  • When considering options, be sure to ask our designers about options and suppliers. Our customers benefit from the relationships we have with our suppliers
Bathroom Design Ideas - Waukesha WI - Schoenwalder Plumbing - Bathroom remodel
In the right situations, carpeting can be a perfect addition to your bathroom design ideas

Schoenwalder Plumbing’s professional designers help guide homeowners through a multitude of bathroom design ideas. We can help build your bathroom remodel to capture the feel, look and function. The end result will be greater impact and more value. That’s a tough combination to beat

The Schoenwalder Plumbing Bath & Kitchen Studio is located in Waukesha WI. We also serve Lake Country including Pewaukee, Hartland, Delafield, Oconomowoc, Brookfield, Elm Grove Germantown and Menomonie Falls.

Call Schoenwalder Plumbing at 262-542-7908 or email and we’ll be happy to help you put together the best combination of bathroom design ideas for your needs.


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