Kitchen Design Ideas For Reinventing And Refreshing

Budgets come in all sizes and this can impact the kitchen design ideas you may consider.

Kitchen Design Ideas_Backsplashes_Schoenwalder Plumbing_Waukesha WI
A backsplash is one of the highest impact kitchen design ideas a homeowner can choose

When a kitchen remodel or “redo” budget is limited, kitchen design ideas having the most impact are valuable. Using specific strategies allowing you to make significant changes with very little impact on the pocketbook can give your kitchen a great face-lift. The right kitchen design ideas can affect your family’s mood and how much they can enjoy your home.

Testing Kitchen Design Ideas

A good first step for testing kitchen design ideas is removing everything from your kitchen. Clear your countertops of small kitchen appliances, remove window treatments, rugs, art work and accessories. The goal is to start the process with a blank slate. This process helps you identify where to start transforming your home with new kitchen design ideas.

High Impact Kitchen Design Ideas To Consider

The following list of kitchen design ideas can be done alone or combined to have a huge impact in how your home, and the kitchen in particular.

Kitchen Design Ideas_Light Fixtures_Schoenwalder Plumbing_Waukesha WI
Light fixtures are among the most popular kitchen design ideas

New countertops are an eye-popping option when updating a kitchen. Countertops are available in a wide variety materials such as laminate, Corian, Granite, Concrete, etc. With the many options available, most homeowners can fit new countertops into their kitchen update budget.

Our designers, working within our Kitchen and Bathroom Design Studio often recommend replacing the cabinet and drawer hardware in your home. This is a relatively easy option to do among a wide range of kitchen design ideas and the expense is minimal.

New flooring can wake-up a kitchen. Ceramic tile and Wood are very popular choices for homeowners and comparable in price. Laminates and vinyl are also in the same price range. Many homeowners save money by tearing out old flooring themselves yourself.

Simply painting the kitchen is a very inexpensive face-lift and can be one of the most satisfying changes a homeowner can make.

Backsplashes can have a huge impact and can be uniquely designed for any circumstance. As kitchen design ideas go, backsplashes can set a tone for an entire area in your home. Tiles can be applied in many ways including counter backsplashes, on islands, patterned on floor, etc.

Replacing your kitchen rugs, towels and accessories with different styles and colors allow your accessories to dictate the feel of the room. The fabric of rugs and seasonal themes are just a couple of high impact changes.

Kitchen Design Ideas_Tile Flooring_Schoenwalder Plumbing_Waukesha WI
Flooring options from tile to hardwood floors represent another group of high impact kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen cabinets can be updated too. If they are in good shape, consider painting, refinishing or resurfacing your current cabinets. Refinishing is the most popular method of revamping kitchen cabinets. Professionally done, refinishing is durable and can last as long at 15-20 years. An alternative to refinishing is painting. This may be a good choice for someone wanting to create a more dramatic color change. In general, painting kitchen cabinets is a more cost effective manner of updating.

New window coverings can greatly enhance a kitchen. Drape lengths or new hardware can transform a window’s appearance significantly. Light or dark fabrics can make huge when purchasing your window treatments.

New lighting can invigorate a kitchen. Highlight areas underplayed in the past. New fixtures can give your kitchen an immensely different feel.

New appliances can be a practical option when considering kitchen design ideas. Current trends can be incorporated in your purchase. Additionally, “package deals” can afford homeowners a considerable savings when making these purchases.

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