Tree Root Removal in Sewer Lines

Tree Root Removal is welcomed by homeowners, often surprised roots from a tree or bush several yards or even several houses away can damage their home’s plumbing system. Having tree roots in pipes is called “root intrusion”, and can create major blockage in your line.

Sewer line roots form because roots are drawn to unbroken pipes because of condensation around the sewer pipes. The roots grow alongside and around the pipe to absorb the moisture, and this is the start of tree roots in the drain and roots in your sewer line. Trees and shrubs seek water to grow, and your pipes provide a perfect, protected environment.

Drain and Sewer Video Inspection Helps with Tree Root Removal

If you suspect tree roots in your sewer line and need definitive information to make the best decision to protect your home in Waukesha WI, call Schoenwalder Plumbing. We use state-of-the-art technology in sewer and drain maintenance which helps in dealing with tree roots in pipes.

Schoenwalder Plumbing offers our drain cleaning customers’ sewer camera inspections to accurately identify problems.



Check your drains! If you don’t see swirling water when draining, cyclonic action, it means the rate of draining is being slowed (by something). Now is a good time to call a qualified rooter expert such as Schoenwalder Plumbing.


Do roots deserve the blame? There is a misconception roots are the problem. However, the problem is actually your pipe because roots cannot get in a pipe without a crack or bad joint. Age makes pipes more vunerable to cracks, breaks and deformations. Root intrusion clues include sudden back-ups or flooding of the lowest plumbing fixture in the house. Fill a bathtub or shower and look for this warning sign while draining.

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